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First whole wheat loaf

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First whole wheat loaf

This is my first post in TFL, but ive been reading the posts quite often since i took up baking, about two months ago, and ive been practising a lot since then. This is a whole new world to me and i love it.

Here are some pictures of the first whole wheat loaf I made. Its not a 100% whole wheat loaf, i made it 70% cause i thought it would taste better.

I also added some sunflower and poppy seeds to give it a different taste, and though it was the first one i made i was quite happy with the results.

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Congrats on your first WW loaf.  It does look by your photos that it may be under-baked.  Your crust should be much darker and the internal temperature should be around 205-210 degrees F.

What did the crumb look like?

What formula did you follow and what temperature did you bake your loaf?

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Hi, Payta

Try kneading your dough more. I'm talking about a min of 15 minutes of proper and efficient kneading. Try also aiming for a wetter dough, and resist adding more flour during the initial kneading stages, as this leads to a dense loaf.Ideally, water to flour ratio should be at least 70-75% by weight. 

Another tip, would be to add steam in the oven during the first 15 min of baking, in order to have a golden crust, and also assist the loaf in the expansion phase called: oven spring.

Waiting to see your future bakes.


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I can't remember my first loaf that I liked :-)  Would love to see a crumb shot.  I think Ian is right.  You probaby could have baked it longer or at a higher temperature but no worries - as long as it taste great and not an inedible brick, (thatwe all have had),  it is a huge success.  Welcome to TFL and we will be looking forward to your future successes.

Happuy baking

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Thanks for all the tips.

Yeah ive been having issues with the crumb, being a bit too light and not dark enough, though the taste is okay and it was hard enough, im just not able to get that dark color i should be getting. Temperaturewise, at first i used to bake at 430 degrees, but lately Ive been baking at 500. Unfortunately my oven has no thermometer, so that a bit of a problem, im only scare to make it too hot and lose the oven spring due to high temperature. I have read higher hydration doughs demand lower baking temperature in order to spring.

And regarding the steam, well i still have to figure out a good way to put steam into the oven, ill get around it hopefully though.

Oh and sorry for the spelling mistakes, im not a native english speaker and i do my best, but it may get hard to read at times.