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One of my First Sourdough Boules

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One of my First Sourdough Boules

This is a no-knead 70% hydration sourdough boule I snapped a pic of using my iPhone and ambient light.  It was one of the first artisan loaves of bread I've made:



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Very nicely done. I hope there will be many more loaves thta we get to see.

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If it looks a good on the inside, it sure looks liks it will and also tastes great,  then it is more than art - it's a great bread!  Way to go.

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Thanks for the complement.  Yeah this particular loaf did look very good on the inside.  I baked it  in my 3 quart paula deen dutch oven (890 grams of 70% hydration dough) and the top of the loaf was touching the lid -- so it had a very nice rise.  You can't really notice the height of the loaf from that pic.

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Welcome to TFL! And to sourdough baking. You are off to a great start.


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Thank you! :)

I love baking and cooking.  I've visited this web site on and off for the past 5 years but just recently signed up.  I'm interested a lot lately in bread baking because I'm diabetic and want to improve my health.   I read pumpernickel & rye breads were healthiest of the breads for my diet and with a little research ran across Hamelman's book.

So I bought Hamelman's book recently along with a 9x4x4 pullman pan.  I am going to start with some simple rye breads and work my way up to pumpernickel.  I want to eventually become pro at baking pumpernickel bread. Authentic pumpernickel would be nice as gifts to friends & family since the loaves are so healthy and almost impossible to find/purchase.

I am really excited about this and am reading Hamelman's book every day now :)  I really look forward to some healthy baking.