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Fervere Bakery in Kansas City, Missouri

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Fervere Bakery in Kansas City, Missouri

My father sent me this visiting family, I'll get the name of the place soon, but I'll be heading out there in a month or two as well! Nice to see some great loaves in KC! I just thought I'd share some nice loaves... forgive the blurriness, we've been trying to get him to get a new phone for a year!


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some bread I saw coming out of Fervere in KCMO that Paul McCool posted recently?  Paul is very high on Fevere not literally of course but in praise.  He worte a very nice piece on it.

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Yup, that's the place, they just confirmed. Can't wait to go see it.

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Fervere makes good bread!  Their schedule is a bit weird, so check ahead of time to make sure that you get there on a day that they are baking.  And get there early!


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A few other bakeries in kansas that are putting out some good bread, one is ibis. This bread is a high hydration style, to much for my style but they seems to have been building great success at the local farmers market.

Sasha's bakery

I just started baking at a local bakery but I don't want to do self shameless promoting. So I'm at

Those two are really doning nice breads worth checking out.