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Just made my first real sourdough loaf

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Just made my first real sourdough loaf

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dwfender, this loaf of yours, and the crumb ... almost defy description, they look so good!
:^) breadsong

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Thanks so much! I'm really amazed how successful my starter has been considering the troubles I've had with this one and my three attempts before. 

I find it makes better bread that the SAF yeast I usually use. I might just try and use it every time I bake and rewrite all my recipes. I wish I had an unliited amount of flour so I could just bake away!

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Congrats on the successful bake.  Crumb looks great.


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bake does not a baker make - but it sure helps!  It helps a lot to remove from memory prior failures easy enough too :-)

Very nice baking.  Crumb, crust and bloom are fantastic and the holes are near holy.......  Way to go.

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There's no going back now...........!   Nice bread,


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You have opened a whole universe of sourdough baking. Enjoy the exploration!


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Your bread is just great looking, if this is the beginning just think of where you can go from here!

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I'm not a beginner baker, but I have never been able to cultivate a sourdough starter and bake anything succesful. I've tried several times, but my starter always dies or I never get it to rise or it collapses in the oven or something dumb. With all my baking experience I am finally able to develop a starter that is healthy enough to create some nice loaves. I mix all my dough by hand and can finally tell the difference between hydrations and when the gluten is developed. 

It's been a long time since I've been able to bake any straight bread so I'm happy to have my hands back on the flour. 

This dough was successful but I think I would like to try it with a lighter protein flour. I used sir gallahad. The loaf was a little too chewy for me. A 12 percent flour would have been nice.