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Pineapple juice starter.

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Pineapple juice starter.

OK...I made a batch of starter using the pineapple juice technique. On day four, I stopped the pineapple juice and started daily feeds with KA AP flour. I am about two weeks into this starter and I can still smell the pineapple juice (or something similar to it). Anybody have any suggestions on how to get rid of that smell?


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If all else seems right, I would not worry about the smell.  Keep going forward with your starter and all will be well.


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On your next feeding, move it to a new container.  Could be your current container absorbed some of the pineapple juice.

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I did try a new container, that didn't help. I also notice a lack of that yeasty-sour smell. If I don't feed it for 24 hours, I get a layer of alcohol on top - so I know it's working. I just don't like the smell. Any other ideas?

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are getting a layer of alcohol on top after 24 hours, you are probably starving the yeast.  Since you have had it for awhile, it is probably time to feed it more flour and less water.  Make sure you are using weights instead of measures.  Next time you feed; toss half and weigh what is left.   Add that much flour and half that weight in water.  Use bottles water.  That should tell the story.  See how long it taked to double.  I put a rubber band around the level on a stright sided clear container to know exactly when it has doubled.

Hope your starter improves.