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plastic bannetons

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plastic bannetons

Hi anybody who has the older plastic bannetons that dont have the perforated holes and are willing to get rid of them for a decent price could you let me know. Ive been searching every where for them, im interested in the rectangle ones 1pound and 2 pound. I just recently contacted a company that had photos of the older ones and when you clicked to purchase them, it was the perforated ones so i called and he said they no longer make the solid ones, i dont really like the perforated because they look a little flimsy.


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The perforations are there for a very valid reason and that is to allow the dough to breathe and not get wet and sticky against the basket.  Baksets made from natural materials allow  air movement with or without holes, plastic is a different story.  If you are already making a recipe that works for you in a plastic basket without holes, you can ignore my comments.

Happy Baking,   Jeff

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No i dont already have a recipe, ive never use bannetons before and i'm a beginner in artisan bread making altogether i just thought the perforated ones looked a little cheap and flimsly even though that doesnt reflect in the price.

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You definitely need perforations or something to let the air move around the entire dough.  Search for "banneton" on this site and you will find lots of ways to make them without buying anything.

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are colanders from he dollar store, lined with cloth. I have expensive wicker bannetons, but my dollar store options work just as well.

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Mini Oven


if you use a cloth liner with them...   :)

from the SanFran Baking Institute  LINK  without cloth and looking rather solid...