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Hi introducing myself I am wouldbeamateurchef from the UK

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Hi introducing myself I am wouldbeamateurchef from the UK

Hi everyone,

 This is the first time I have signed up for a Artisan Bread Forum and from the looks of things I aint seen nuthin' yet.

 I am an unemployed disabled woman from the UK residing in Colchester, Essex and love cooking.

Breadmaking wise I am a proud owner of an Breville Breadmachine which I use for making doughs-with my help! My most successful loaf has been a 4 cup ( The US Cup System is so clever!) Bread with instant yeast, sugar, salt, olive oil, water that I let prove for24 hours First rise then second and final rise in tin +2.

 The results of which converted me to long risings which I understand are not advisable in some recipes ie Felicity Cloakes Wholemeal Bread recipe featured in the Guardian. The bread was springy, it bounced back! the dough was silky smooth, and it had a nice sourdough? taste? 

 Whatever it tasted richer for having proved it for so long.

 I look forward to learning more from this international forum of Artisan [home and Professional] Breadmakers.

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I would own a portable from Home to Home Wood Fired Oven, a bloody great big Kitchen Aid (as a big Bowl processor) or even shock horror a multifunctional Bread friendly machine such as I saw on an Artisan site in the UK.

 Cooking equipment wise: I have a Food Processor, Large Bowls, Scraper Spoon, wooden spoons, Loaf tins, fantastic recipes!! (key!) Organic Bread Flour: white wholemeal rye.  Long like tasty milk! Organic Butter, Olive oil, proper Sea Salt.

 and real butter to serve it with.


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Welcome on board!!

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Welcome to the forum.  As another UK-based baker I am rather surprised that you have gone down the rather imprecise American route of using volumes rather than weights.  Volume works pretty well for liquids but is not good for ingredients such as flour.  You may find it useful to buy some cheap digital scales once you are truly bitten by the baking bug.  But whatever, just enjoy yourself.  Happy baking.