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Lost but can be found here

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Lost but can be found here

Came across an interesting article about searching for the real  "New York" food specialities.

If they only knew, for the price of ITJB and a little help from their friends here at TFL, they could again enjoy those long cherished foods!

Today we 3 sisters are baking bagels. Have to admit it is to enjoy them (and baking together) as much as to keep a great food tradition alive and well!
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at the list of their recommended retail outlets I was wondering who paid the Times the most for their being mentioned in the article.  The Times needs cash bad.  Nothing like selling some product placement to rake in free cash without any investment required whatsoever. 

I think we will stick with you 3 gals, TFL and the othe Fresh Lofians when it comes to bread and other foods..