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Question about Hamelman's volkornbrot

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Question about Hamelman's volkornbrot

I just made my very first loaf of volkornbrot using Hamelman's formula. It was so much more successful than any other rye I've ever made, and I can't wait to try it again. Next time, I'd like to see what happens when I don't include commercial yeast and rely solely on my very healthy rye starter. So, my question is: does anyone have any experience excluding the yeast in this recipe? If so, would you mind sharing how the process and/or results differ from when yeast is used (i.e., how much longer is the proof time, is the crumb more compact with less oven spring, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

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I've been using Hamelman's book for several months now.  The Volkornbrot formula is my next to try. 

I have tried his other rye recipes as well as others.  Somewhere I read that professional bakers will often use some commercial yeast to avoid risk should something happen to the sourdough.  I have been taking the risk without any adverse results.

Great bread.


Tom C

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tn gabe

And have never used IDY. Use the starter when it is on it's way up and make sure you hit the DDT after the final mix or final ferment will take forever. I've had great luck with putting loaf pans in oven with just boiled pot of water for the final.