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Cheers From Kansas City

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Cheers From Kansas City

I can't believe I am on an online forum for bread......... Actually, that's a lie. It makes perfect sense.

So, in a nutshell..... I'm a corporate burnout/dropout who, once again, has decided what he wants to do when he grows up. Bake. I really love the food world and can't believe I have been away for 15 years. Baking appeals to that fringe side of me. As if the food industry was not subversive enough, I decided to bake..... Anyway. I took a job at Panera bread. I needed some entry level experience somewhere and the pay is decent and they provide insurance. Its not what I want long term, but it will work for now.

I am applying for a pastry program at a local college. They only allow 15 students a year, so.... Who knows. I think I have a decent shot. If that doesn't pan out, I'm not sure where I would go for an education.The art institute has a comprehensive baking program but 26 grand is just too much to think about right now. The French Pastry school in Chicago has an 8 week, bread and breakfast pastry program. Not sure of the price but its 4 states away......

I hope to someday bake for a nice restaurant, hotel, etc. Perhaps wholesale bake or maybe have a bakery/coffee shop of my own. Of course, much of this is very long term but I am known for getting ahead of myself. As some of you may come to realize.

So, bread is really my passion and I am passionate enough to try to teach myself. I have read Hamelman's "Bread" as well as Robertson's "Tartine Bread". The latter is not really written for the aspiring professional, necessarily. However, I like the approach and other than time and space, baking 55 loaves is no different than baking 2. I have had good success with Poolish and Biga bread. Boules, baguettes and Botards. Some at home. Some I took to work to use the Revent deck oven WITH STEAMER!!!!!!!! Again, I like to get ahead of myself so, its time for Levain/Sourdoughs.

So, my starter is ready to go. I have already written up a "pan up sheet" for this weekend:

- 2 Loaves (Boules) of Tartine's country - 100% spec

- 1 loaf (pan bread) of Tartine's country and 3 pizza crusts - With rye instead of WW and I am letting the Levain build a little longer

- 2 loaves (boules) of Tartine's Polenta bread (I'm adding some actual roasted sweet corn too)

- 12 Sweet potato ginger rolls (my take on a cinnamon roll). I have not finalized this recipe yet. I think it will be vegan too. lol


Sorry for the long first post. Would love to hear (read) from some of you.


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Postal Grunt

After you've been hanging out here at TFL for a while, you'll realize that here are quite a few home bakers from the KC area that participate in the forums here. Some of us are raggedy home bakers and some are really quite good but we're all having a good time doing something we enjoy. Please share some pictures of what you've been baking lately.



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Glad to see another KC enthusiast.  As Jim has noted, there are a number of us in the area.  We had a meet-up this Spring, which gave those who attended the opportunity to put faces to the names we've seen on-line.

Which part of the KC area do you call home?  I live in Overland Park, on the Kansas side of the state line.


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I live in Lees Summit and have been a member of this blog for a few months now, but was a lurker for much longer. This is a great place to exchange to exchange ideas, recipes and methods. Everyone here is friendly and always willing to help with any problems you might have. I've learned most of what I know about sourdough from the members of this blog. I've attached a link to my intro and some pics of a Norwich Sourdough loaf. Good luck and welcome.




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KCMO - welcome.  Good luck with your baking quest.

Happy baking

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Wow, thats amazing. I have lived all over KC. Grew up in the Northeast area. Spent time in Blue Springs and Independence (still have a house in Indy I am trying to sell). Last year I inherited a family home in Roeland Park. One of the few communities on the Kansas side that I ever felt jazzed about living in (sorry Paul, lol). I bake in Brookeside, The Plaza and Westport. I lovingly call those areas "The Burroughs".

The Pastry program is at Johnson County Community College.

If anyone is geeky enough, I can be followed on Instagram under "bigh3d" or Jason Provo. My recent bread shots are there. All of which came from my phone, so. I will definitely set up the tripod and start taking better foodfotos. Photography was another passion I let fall to the wayside, slightly.

Thanks for the responses everyone. My weekly builds start tomorrow a.m., after work. Will mix after I wake. Will be baking Friday morning. More to come.

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Any of you KC folk have a good place to get baking supplies local?

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that I would have asked of you!  Or does your employer have a captive supply chain?


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At Panera, we only bake. preshaped dough is delivered to us daily, so......... I am getting no real experience in bread baking there. Not to say that its a total loss and/or  the product bad. Just not want I want to create myself.

As far as supplies, B&J Peerless, in KCK has a great selection of commercial kitchen stuff but not a ton of baking stuff. Most importantly, proofing baskets. Prydes in Westport is my next spot. They have a great selction for the home. I have not looked for baskets yet.