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Seeded Multi Grain Sourdough

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Seeded Multi Grain Sourdough

So Proud I had to share!

This is my comeback from an over-proofed disappointment (aka bread crumbs) on Monday.   This is my interpretation of a mixed grain seeded sourdough.

My formula;

16 oz Bread Flour 80%

2 oz Spelt 10%

1 oz WW 5%

1 oz Rye 5%

13-14 oz Water somewhere between 65-70%


1 oz (pre hot soak) Flax seed Meal 5%

1 oz (before boiling until soft) Bulger Wheat 5%

.4 oz Salt 2%

Mix dough (just flours and some water) and autolyse 1 hr, Add the rest machine/ hand kneed until windowpane or as much as the Bulger will allow, retard in the fridge 25 hours.

Sit dough out for 30-60 minutes to warm up, shape, turn dough onto a wet towel then onto a sheet pan of seeds. I used a mix of sesame flax and sunflower, proof 90 to 120 minutes.

Score and bake in a preheated 475 degree oven with steam on a stone and drop the temp to 450. bake 30- 40 minutes.

Hope you all enjoy!




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I love your recipe with spelt, rye ww with Bulgar scald.  The seeds look terrific too.  This has to be a fine tasting bread.  Show us a crumb shot when you cut into it!

Very nice baking.

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but if my eyes aren't deceiving me I don't see how much levain is used in your recipe.


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Looks GREAT!

Show us the CRUMB! It should be outstanding!


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Thanks for all the kind words! I couldn'd get a crumb shot, it went to fast! I've been working on the crumb being more open but this loaf wasn't really where I want it to be. I'm going to doing the bulk ferment on the counter and retard the shaped loaves to see if the crumb improves.

I used about 8.5 oz of active starter at around 75-80% hydration. I usually guess at the right consistancy when I'm mixing levain.

On a side note does anyone have a calculation to figure out the four weight in a perticular hydration? i.e. if I want 20% tfw in a recipe what is the total weight of the levain at 75% hydration?

I worked out a calculation a while ago but I'm sure its off.