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Transitional duraham semolina sandwich loaf

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Transitional duraham semolina sandwich loaf

My go to weekly sandwich loaf recently has been Peter Reinhart's transitional whole wheat loaf from WGB, but mixed as per ABED - earlier post.  I was intrigued by the durhan semolina boule on the current cover and the "nutty" flavour description.  I baked a loaf using this formula today, but using durham semolina in place of the whole wheat flour and olive oil in place of vegy oil.  This may be my new favorite go to loaf!  A nice crispy crust and golden crumb with great nutty sweet flavour.  A worthy experiment!  It hasn't passed the toast test yet, but passed the initial taste test with flying colours!!!  I ran out of full fat buttermilk and used yogurt instead.  My last transitional whole wheat bake I used whole buttermilk - 11/4 for the entire hydration.  It made for a very dense working loaf and I thought I had a brick, but it baked up fine.  The crumb was a little denser than I like, so next time 1 cup buttermilk and then water.

My first mix didn't quite fill the loaf pan, so I will up the formula by 10% or so next bake:

Dry Ingredients

250 g breead flour

250 g durham semolina

11/2 tsp salt

Wet ingredients

133 grams full fat greek yogurt, I was out of full fat buttermilk.

1 Tbs brown sugar

1 Tbs olive oil

2 Tbs honey

Water to liquid weight of 410 grams, final liquid weight after mixing 425 grams

21/2 tsp instant yeast

Blend the dry and wet ingredients and then add wet to dry and mix well for a couple of minutes to incorporate.  Autolyse for 20 minutes.  Add the instant yeast and mix well for 2 - 3 minutes.  After a minute or so of kneading I was able to begin stretching and folding the dough.  This dough worked beautifully!  After a 10 minute rest I began a series af 4 s&f's with 10 minutes rest in between, followed by a 2 hour bulk rise, a final s&f and then into an oiled bowl into the fridge to retard overnight.  This loaf baked in 50 minutes turning at the half, 425 start and then backing down to 350.

As I say, mighty tasty bread and what a great hobby!!!!!!!

Regards, Brian

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Addiction possibly?  The yogurt should have replaced the buttermilk just fine.   Nothing like semolina to make the bread that lovely yellow color.  Your bread sure sounds tasty - and nutty!

Bake on!

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This is my new go to sandwich loaf.  Great flavour and the dough handles beautifully!

Yes darbowman, hobby has become addiction for me once again!  There is indeed great joy in producing your vey own delicious bread and is perhaps my most wholesome addiction . . .

Perhaps my next loaf will be half bead flour, 1/4 whole wheat and 1/4 semolina.  A transitional semolina lean loaf is also crying out to be made.  So many options and so little time.  My freezer is now full.

Great baking folks!  Brian