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Sourdough help

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Sourdough help

Help, I have a sourdough starter I have been happily using for two years now.  A few days ago I took it out of the fridge for some intense feedings to built it up.  I discovered that once it looses its activity (is ready for another feeding) there is a grey layer (solid) on top of the sourdough.  I don't know if it is bacterial contamination - anybody have any ideas????

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Think, dead cells, nothing harmful, discard some, feed it a few times and it will be as robust as ever.

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Unless your find some blue-ish fuzzy bloom on top, you can just scrape off the dark layer with a spoon, and use the rest.


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I sometimes have that grey-brown layer on top of my sourdough and it smells weird, so I just throw it away and start another sourdough from scratch.