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Recent member with "pantry" questions

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Recent member with "pantry" questions

I found the group a  while back searching for information on repairing my 40's vintage Hobart N50.

While the mixer is still spread all over the workbench, waiting for cooler weather to work on it I immersed myself into the site and started making bread again.  And bread that is much prettier and interesting than most of my previous efforts.  I have a steady stream of requests for loaves of my Caraway/Pumpernickel and Italian Crusty breads, so I must be doing something right.

I have revisited some old favorites from growing up and have gotten exceptional results now that I am using a large stone in the oven that I got from California Pizza Stones.  It's almost 3/4" thick and cut to fit the interior of the oven.  I work on parchment paper and put it all in the oven on the stone with a peel.

OK, finally to the question...

I am continually running into ingredients I don't normally have in the pantry, the most recent of which is Malt Powder, I do have Malt Syrup however  ;o).    Initially it was Powdered Milk I had to run out and get at the last moment.

Is there a "list" somewhere of a basic pantry items for bread making as I find on this site?

I am having fun, but the last minute scavenger hunts a re a bit annoying.

Sitting here eating warm pretzels,

Beevo (aka Bill VanOrden)

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For me, pantry basics (note that I'm including refrigerated items) for bread baking would include:

Flours (bread, AP, rye, whole wheat)

Sweeteners (honey, molasses, malt syrup [easier to for me to find than malt powder], sugar)

Fats (butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, shortening/lard)

Dairy (fluid milk, non-fat dry milk, buttermilk, cheeses, eggs)

Nuts/seeds (walnuts, pecans, almonds, sesame, poppy, sunflower)

Dried fruits (raisins, figs, prunes, dates, apricots)

Other (yeast, spices/seasonings, salt, baking powder, baking soda)

I'm sure I've left something out.  And some of these, dried fruits is one example, tend to be more seasonal in use.  There's a whole lot more that I want/need from time to time which aren't in the pantry/refrigerator/freezer on a regular basis.  I do need to get to bed tonight, so I won't start that list.


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I would add spelt flour, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, rolled oats and buttermilk powder.


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Mini Oven

meats and sausages, garlic, onion, vit C, vinegars, pickle juice, various pickled vegetables, applesauce, capers, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, pop corn, other whole grains to mill or be pre-cooked.   Lye, bread crumbs, dried starter, potato/corn/rice starch, sesame oil, coffee, various teas, pepper, dried vegetables, potato flakes, boiled potatoes, dried beans, seeds for sprouting, coconut milk, nut flours, sour milk, yoghurt, fresh/instant yeast, dried tamarind, shrimp paste, squid ink,...

Use the grains and ingredients you like.  All our pantries are a little different according to location, personal taste and curiosity and as Paul points out, they do change with seasons and time.  My pantry looks different today than it did two months ago or before holidays or two years ago.  When I wanted malt powder, I made my own, then I could decide if I wanted to used it with enzymes or without.  I still have active malt powder (flour) in the freezer for wheat breads.  Easy enough to denature if used as a light sweetener.  Try the search box for discussions of different ingredients.  The trick to the pantry is rotation and keeping things fresh and using them up during their "shelf life."  

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Farmer Elly

Woops sorry - wrong thread :-)