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High protein flour seeking suggestions?

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High protein flour seeking suggestions?

Hi again,
can anyone suggests types of bread that can be made with high protein flour?
such as 13.5% and 68% absorption rate.

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Stone-Buhr's bread flour is the highest protein flour that is easy to come by in my area (West Coast).

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Yeah I am not from these parts nor it is easy to get this type of flour unless it is bought in bulk
So what types of breads can I make with this flour? thanks

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Jesse Duke's Protein Bread
(aka Baked Potatoe Bread)

These half-loaves of bread are made from high-protein flour, so they are excellent for vegetarians, body builders, and people that want to get enough protein, but are on a budget. Each half-loaf contains as much protein as a hamburger***, and only costs 10 cents** to make! By comparison, most hamburgers cost a dollar each, and are high in fat and colesterol.


Mix 1 mL (1/5 tsp) of dry active yeast with 3 "small spoons*" sugar and warm water, stir, let sit for about 10 mins.

Take 4 oz of high protein flour, stir in 1 small spoon of Canola Oil and also the water/yeast mixture.

Mix, add water as needed, continue stirring. Add a few "shakes" of salt. Continue stirring.

Use hands to fold dough for several minutes, then form into a ball.

(possibly: let sit for awhile)

Let sit in a warm (3 minutes of heating) oven for 15 mins.

Put an aluminium sheet (shiny side down) in a pan. Spray Pam on the sheet.

Put the ball on the sheet and spray the top of the ball with Pam.

Preheat the oven to 350 and cook for 20 minutes.

Remove from oven, cut in half (it will have swelled to the size of a melon), and place cut-side-down on tray. Place the halves next to each other so that they don't fall over.

Cook for an additional 20 mins.

When removed from the oven, the loaves will shrivel up and look like two baked potatoes.

Further cut each loaf in half to form 4 half-loaves.

When done right, the half-loaves taste crunchy, soft, and sweet.

When cooked wrong, the half-loaves will be springy and chewy. If this happens, take the guilty half-loaves and place them, cut-side-down, on the pan to cook for an additional five to eight minutes.


* A small, metal spoon. Roughly 3 mL each. 1 tsp = 5mL.

** Rough estimate, using high-protein flour, based on the prices from Henry's.
The cost of the yeast and oil is minimal compared to the cost of the flour.

***1oz of the flour has about 17g of protein.
A hamburger from Burger King also has about 17g of protein.
Note: there are different kinds of protein. Simply relying on protein from wheat flour may not be sufficient for serious bodybuilders.

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I would guess high protein flours are ideal for all yeasted breads. Is "high protein flour" really any different than "bread flour"?

darkphotn - that bread sounds interesting! I'd love to see pics the next time you make it.