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Bread baking newbie

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Bread baking newbie

Hello all,

Just been bitten by the bread bug! I wanted to stop by and introduce myself, and tell you fellow bread heads how impressed I am by the bread baking skills evident in the folks here.

I am a pretty serious baker otherwise, but had only done a few simple yeast-raised sandwich loaf-type things until recently. I visited Tartine bakery in San Francisco last year, and happened to receive a copy of the book as well. The bread was so spectacularly good I decided I wanted to try it at home. Well my few tries haven't been too successful, so I decided to try baking from Peter Reinhart's books. Made a decent Pain de Campagne at the first try. I'm still striving for a more open crumb, and ease with shaping these high hydration doughs. Wish me luck! I'll be consulting this site as I go along :)





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Welcome Maya,

I have no doubt that you will be baking great bread in no time at all.  Reinhart is a good place to start as his recipes and instructions have a certain accessibility about them.