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hey just got here and im from canada eh!

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hey just got here and im from canada eh!

been working in a bakery for a couple months and learning alot. I knew a few things here and there because ive been cooking for about 10years but theres something about that fresh yeast smell in the morning that keeps me tiredly waking up early every morning.

so most internet reciepes are pretty lame and it looks to me like theres some credible bakers here, so have i found a good spot to troubleshoot my problems and compare reciepes?


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Hi Fowler,


Lots of good recipes and helpful bakers here.  Lots of Canadians too, including myself -- a recent transplant from Oregon to Vancouver.


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Sean McFarlane

We use canadian flour where a I work here in MI, great stuff..GO RED WINGS!

Oh and welcome to the site.

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Im in toronto but we get our flour from Montreal. Is that where your is from too?