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Mocha Chocolate Chip Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

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Mocha Chocolate Chip Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

I was commenting on txfarmer's very nice 30% rye sandwich bread that we use left over cream to make ice cream in AZ when it is scorching hot in the summer - instead of pechy scones like she does.  The batch finished yesterday, after a 2 day process, came out better than usual because we managed to have most everything on hand to put it over the top.

The first day is used to make the ice cream base:

The second day you make everything else


16 oz of cream

16 oz of  half and half

4 egg yolks

1/4 C cocoa powder

1/2 C sugar

1-100 g gram dark chocolate bar - chopped up

1/2 T of instant coffee or 1 tsp of espresso powder

1/4 oz of granulated gelatin

1 tsp vanilla

Brownie mix

Your favorite box of brownie mix

1/4 bag of chocolate chips


Put everything, except the vanilla, brownie mix and chocoalate chips, in a 2 qt sauce pan and bring to a near boil 200 F stirring constantly with a whisk.  Remove from heat and place in a large bowl of ice.  Keep stirring until mix is cooled to 40 F.  Add the vanilla and stir it in.  Cover saucepan with the lid and put the base in the fridge overnight.  In the morning you will have a wonderful Mocha Pudding.

Mix up your favorite boxed brownie mix, (we use the Mocha one but not required at all) or make your favorite from scratch that you would normally use for 9x13 pan.  Divide the batter between (2) oil sprayed 9x13 pans.  Add some chocolate chips sprinkling them evenly over the top.  Bake at 350 F for 8 minutes, then rotate the pans and bake for another 8 minutes - we use Pyrex pans.  This will make the top and bottom of the ice cream sandwich that are are little less than 1/2" high when baked.  Cool completely.

Remove the two brownies trying not to break them, good luck with that but don't worry at all since you can easily press them back together.  If you cut them in half lengthwise (6 1/2"  if you measure like I don't) they are easier to get out intact with a long fish spatula.  They are also easier to get out if you don't add the chocolate chips but that would be a crime :-)  Wrap one side in plastic wrap and put the other one back in the pan, cover it and freeze them both.  The pan will be the form holding everything in place after the sandwiches are made and they too are frozen.

Make your ice cream - we have a Krups that seems to work well.   Place about 1" of ice cream over the bottom layer and cover with the top gently pressing the sandwich flat.  Freeze until hard.  You will have about a third of the ice cream left over for you and your apprentice to taste to make sure it isn't poisonous and saving your family much potential grief.  Someone has to do it :-)  We actually made a batch and a half of brownies and using all the ice creame for the sandwiches.

I'm thinking txfarmer's Peach Scones would go very well with Mocha Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Brownie Sandwiches and both are excellent for using up left over cream.




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I'll provide the bell for the truck if you'll just deliver a dozen or two of those lovely treats!

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and I think we are closer!... Bell be-darned... I think I gained a pound just reading the recipe... spectacular job DAB!


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post.  I spelled out a more figure friendly version or two in my reply to Sylvia where you can get rid of half the fat by replacing half the cream and 1/2 the half and half with non fat milk and non fat yogurt and by removing the chocolate bar and moving the chips to the ice cream from the brownies (or omitting both of the extra chocolate bar and chips entirely).  We have made it all these ways and the sandwiches were still delicious - even when low fat and slightly more healthy.  Never made them with all cream and 8 egg yolks though. 

I think it would be a nice rule of thumb, but terrible law,  that bakeries should also sell sandwiches and ice cream as a general principle - I know mine would if I had one. 

Thanks for your comments and keep posting those ITJB weekly bakes.   I love reading them.  

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And I do mean's not something we would indulge in often.  But I think 'company is coming would call for the occassional special treat of such a rich dessert'.  I may give it a try very soon.  I love the idea of using brownies for the cookie base.  

Do be careful and don't feed any type of chocolate's to the apprentice...chocolate is very poisionous to dog's...especially the smaller they are..  I have one that's a chocolaholic and is a professional at smelling it out were ever it lurks and she will share it with her other family canine friends.  It has cost me plenty in scare time and money at the vet's.....dark chocolate is the very worst..also caffeine, especially raisins and grapes just to name a few of the worst.

Thanks for sharing your lovely ice cream sandwiches..they'll be a hit for warm days with company for sure.


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Oh, sorry....bman   I misread about the apprentice...I thought you said you gave her some to taste..Instead you warned about not giving dogs the chocolate or other flavorings or add in's that may be poisionous to dogs :)  Very good advice...I just have to say I not only don't feed it...I have to hide it and put anything away in away in tight metal tins that cannot be opened 'easily'.. covered wrapped sealed boxes, purses, snaps, table tops and zipper type bags do not work with my Bella the pro sniffer and lock smith.


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I forgot that chocolate can be very harmful to dogs, especially the smaller breeds and said she would check to see if it was poisonous.  She didn't have any of course because even a small amount makes her eventually puke, usually on our bed!  One of my wife's relatives is a Vet and he warned us about cchocolate and Doxies who eat anything and everything.    Even some big dogs, who too can be especially adversely affected by chocolate, can be real sick, real quick if they eat enough of it.  So it's a no no when it comes chocolate for pooches - even if they are baking apprentices.

Yes, this is a desert for special occasions which is nice since it is frozen anyway.  Everyone, who has ever had one, wants to have another one - so small (less than 2" cubes) are appropriate portion size since 2 will always be devoured :-)  Glad you liked them but to be real premium ice cream they would be all cream, 8 egg yolks and no gelatin - Can you imagine!!!

I have made them with a pint of non fat yogurt and a pint of non fat milk too (in place of 1 cup of cream and 1 cup of half and half)- they came out just fine and nearly as delicious.  The yogurt gave it a nice little tang too.   We have also made this lighter version with yogurt and omitted the chocolate bar and replaced it with the chips that went into the brownies (leaving them out) making the sandwich more figure friendly with no ill effect on their addictive qualities.

These little cubes of chocolate goodness have become a summer time favorite around here for good reason, no matter how decadent, or not they are.

Thanks for the comments and the dog warning!

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thomaschacon (not verified)

Glad to see someone else uses brownie mix.

I've always felt like a sinner when I buy a box, but they really are quite good.

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Brownie mixes are pretty good as are most cake mixes.  The fancier ones like carrot cake are pretty awful though.  All can be gussied up to be even better no worries.  Anything chocolate; add chips, bars and pudding, instant coffee.  Anything lemon - add some zest, juice or pudding.   You can put pudding in nearly every box mix.  It's harder to put more Germans in German Chocolate than carrots in carrot cake though :-)

After making ice cream from scratch and then having to make brownies from scratch too would possibly be too much to do and then no desert would result - a travesty - not to mention totally unFrench, unItalian, UnEnglish, unAmerican, unContinental and possibly unWorld !

I do have a really good brownie recipe being a Brownman and all but it sits on its own throne without having to be propped up by an ice cream pretender to the throne as a lackey.  It is dipped in gauche and covered in chocolate shavings though :-)  I have to admit that I do either ice the brownies on the ice cream side  and or dip them in ganache  sometimes too.  Never had the penache to put  chocolate shaving on one side after dipping them in ganache - but it sure sounds good.

This brownie ice cream sandwich would be the perfect topper to a fine bike ride through the Colorado Mountains in the summer.

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If I weren't so tired I would have to go and buy some icecream after reading your post!

They look and sound fantastic....I'm sure my kitty cat apprentices would love to taste your sandwiches...but alas they would be puking on my bed as well....

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recipe.  Try it and you will like it!  No one ever refuses a second one - if the first one wasn't too big say 4" square.  Glad you liked the post Ian.

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This thread is down right dangerous.  I will not let the children see it....someone has to save to save them from themselves. A mother's job is never done :-)

Take Care,



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goodness Mom's can make and eat what ever they want and like.   Someone has to test these recipes to make sure they are fit for child intake.  We are still testing this one and may need to contimue testing it for some time and I'm not even a Mom!  We are with you - children should not have to suffer the consequences of poor food choices byb theor mothers - Mom's should :-)