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Deep sigh...

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Deep sigh...

This was the second time today I've prepared a post and then lost it. Perhaps I should take that as a sign and log off.

This is the latest variation on the whole wheat honey bread I've baked. Less honey and with sunflower seeds. Quite good, quite simple to prepare.


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That's all...nothin' more to add. :D

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I have to agree about simplicity.  I have a standard recipe for buttermilk oatmeal bread that I ring changes on all the time. It calls for 1/2 cup of brown sugar. So I do brown sugar (only less) or honey, or other sweeteners and I do lots of grains and nuts from cracked wheat to 6,7,8, 9 grain cereals to Kashi to sprouted wheat and on and on. I just make sure that I adjust flour amounts for liquid sweeteners and for sprouted grains in the liquid portion and watch the consistancy of my dough.  This is the one time where, for myself and not for production, I view it as an art and not a science. And, since it goes ina loaf pan, no problemo.

I just took a loaf out of the freezer for tomorrow.



 Paul Kobulnicky

Baking in Ohio

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crumb bum

Hey Floyd

Nice looking breads.  It looks like the pans could hardly contain them.  I have a few questions.  What size are your bread pans?  How high do you let them rise before baking?  It looks like your loaves sprang quite a bit, is this so or did you just let them rise real high?  I know these are real basic questions but I have only baked a few sandwich style breads using pans.  I have been on a mission trying to perfect free form loaves instead and have ignored this type of bread alltogether.  After looking at your loaves I realize it's my loss and I need to get with the program.  And fianaly is it possible to bake a bread in a sandwhich loaf pan that has an open crumb or does this process not make this real possible?  Thanks

Da Crumb Bum

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Mini Oven

I got some of them back using page (<) and (>) at the top.   Mini Oven