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How to store high percentage rye bread appropriately?

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How to store high percentage rye bread appropriately?


I'd like to know how you guys store your rye bread? What if they contain fruit, nuts or cheese?

I used to wrap in baker's linen and just put on the table at room temperature. However, the weather is so hot these day, I'm worried it might spoil...

Any suggesestion?


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You do not define "high percentage" and it does make a difference.  I store 100% rye with flax seeds wrapped tightly in a plastic bag and kept in the refrigerator.  I know that this runs contrary to everything said about proper bread storage but this is 100% rye and that is a very different beast.

Other breads are best stored in a paper bag that is closed tightly and put inside a plastic bag that is not closed at all.  Alternately, old fashioned bread boxes often work very well depending upon their construction.