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hamburger bun question

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hamburger bun question

How many ounces of dough are used to make hamburger buns?

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Mini Oven


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~3.25oz (92g) is what I typically use for hotdog and hamburger buns

See my thread at:

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That makes about a 4 or 5 inch bun.


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I use 3.5 oz of dough for my "largish" size buns(4").

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Thank you.

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My Grandmother was a fabulous baker.  She used to make these Hamburger Buns for the camper kids at a Catholic Summer Camp in Montana.  I've fiddled a bit with her original recipe, but these are extraordinarily soft and fluffy, but they hold up really well to burgers with lots of toppings.


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102 g but my burgers are for 130 g hamburgers.

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Petit Batard

At the bakery I work in we use 115-125g's depending on what dough we use.