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YW Naan with Paneer, Green Onion, Cilantro, Garam Masala and Garlic - Plus a Loaf - Added Lunch Shot

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YW Naan with Paneer, Green Onion, Cilantro, Garam Masala and Garlic - Plus a Loaf - Added Lunch Shot

We were feeding the yeast water on the 3th of July and didn’t want to throw any YW away.  With the 4th of July the next day and knowing it would only be my apprentice and I for dinner that night, we decided to have some rib eye steak kabobs, veggie kabobs and garam masala rice and beans.

 What was missing was some Naan to put the dinner in to eat it properly.  We decided not to bake the Naan or cook it on the stove top but dry fry it in the cast iron skillet on the grill while grilling the kabobs.  After making pizza the other day on the grill we thought it would be fun.

 We were inspired by Sonia101’s unusual Roti here:

and by Delta_v’s stove top Naan here:

You can see my Naan were larger than 12" and got squished at the edges to fit the pan - no worries !

 We built a 2 stage yeast water levain, 4 hours each using durum atta and AP flour.  After 8n hours it had doubled and was ready to go.  At the 6 hour mark we autolysed the bread flour with the liquids and the spices.  We held out the Greek yogurt, fresh herbs, green onion, baking soda and salt.

 The YW levain and the autolysed flours were mixed with the salt and Greek yogurt for 4 minutes on KA 2 and then 4 minutes on KA 3.  The baking soda was then added and mixed in for 1 minute on KA 3.

 The dough was then rested for 20 minutes.  Then it was turned out on a lightly floured surface and hand kneaded for 5 minutes and allowed to rest covered for 10 minutes.  The fresh herbs and green onions were then worked into the dough using S & F’s.

 The dough was allowed to develop and ferment for 1 hour.  (2)150 gpieces were separated out for the Naan and shaped into a ball and allowed to rest for 10 minutes.  The remainder of the dough was shaped into a loaf and placed into an oil sprayed Pyrex loaf pan and allowed to double over 4 hours.


Kabobs and..............................................................................Naan with Mexican Chipotle Pink Sauce

 The Naan balls were rolled and pressed out to 12”circles and covered with plastic for 30 minutes.  Then they were transferred to a floured peel like a pizza for chucking into the skillet on the grill – closing the lid. The gauge read 450 F.   After cooking for about 2-3 minutes the Naan was flipped and the cooked side, now facing up was brushed with Mojo de Ajo.  After another couple of minutes the bread was flipped again onto the Mojo de Ajo side allowed to fry for about a minute.  The bread was then folded to fit into a tortilla warmer while the 2nd Naan was fried. 

 The un-slashed loaf of bread, using the same dough, was baked in the mini oven at450 Fafter preheating with 'Sylvia’s Steam' at 500 F.  It was steamed for 12 minutes then the steam was removed, the loaf rotated 180 degrees and the mini oven was turned down to 425 F convection this time.  The loaf was rotated every 5 minutes until it was done and205 Fon the inside – about another 20 minutes – 32 minutes baking time total.  It was left in the oven with the door ajar and heat off for 10 minutes to further crisp the skin.

 The loaf and the Naan were both terrific.  The loaf was nicely browned, blistered and crunchy when it came out of the oven but it softened as it cooled.  The crumb was open, soft and moist.  It tasted like Japanese white bread met Indian curry.  When toasted with butter and corn jam it was just great.

Peach and mango Crisp for desert

 The Naan ended up with some soft and crunchy parts that made it unique.  It went well with the kabobs and tasted like a plate of Indian veggies and spices.  Yummy. 

Toasted with butter and carrot jam - delish!!

The formula follows;

Yeast Water Naan with Paneer, Garam Masala, Onion Garlic, Cumin and Cilantro     
StarterBuild 1Build 2Total% 
Durum Atta7007015.56% 
YW 70,Water 70707014031.11% 
Total Starter14014028062.22% 
Levain % of Total28.00%    
Dough Flour %   
Durum Atta22550.00%   
Dough Flour450100.00%   
Dough Hydration57.78%    
Total Flour590    
Total Liquid400    
T. Dough Hydration67.80%    
Whole Grain %50.00%    
Hydration w/ Adds67.80%    
Total Weight1,000    
Add - Ins     
1/4 tsp each ground coriandr and cumin    
1 T sugar     
1 tsp each garlic, onion and garam masala powders  
1 T fresh garlic chives     
2 T fresh cilantro     
1 minced green onion     
2 T Greek yogurt     
1/8 tsp baking soda.     
Mojo de Ajo for brushing on one side of the Naan   
1/2 C Shredded Paneer     


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Not to leave out the gorgeous kabobs..they are making me drool.  Very nicely done and all your efforts really paid off.  I think you mean 'carrot jam'?  I saw it on your last post..lovely!


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It is carrot jam!  We make some corn jam but this was definitely carrot - nice catch.  My apprentice and I had a huge special 4th of July meal yesterday.  Only had one bite of the beans, but the rest was gone in a flash.  Really liked the Pink Sauce on the Naan with the ribeye and grilled veggies.  The mini oven loves your steam and it has always worked for what ever bread is being baked.

Thanks very much Sylvia.  

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You have to keep the apprentice happy!  Food's the key :)


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You've been a busy beaver!

I can't keep up with all of your delicious looking posts.

Funny we were just talking about going to an Indian or Thai restaurant and my friends were trying to convince my wife to try them.  I had a terrific Nann with green onions at a Thai place in China a few months ago and was just saying I wanted to make some myself.  I will definitely have to give ths one a try.

Great job.

Love the crumb on your loaf also.


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'this bread baking can be addictive.'  He is correct besides being a fine baker!  Thai and Indian are my favorites and we cook them often but not as much as Mexican - I am biased as a brown man and all.  I think the Naan would be better on a stone in the oven - but that is me but I do love Naan almost as much as I love my apprentice.  Have to say that quietly because she bites. 

This Naan is special because it has has all the flavors of India and is straight YW.  If you like it plain, just leave the add ins out.  We are totally libertarian when it comes to bread and most all things :-)

Like they told Mikey -  'Try it you will like it.' But we are not lying like they were :-)

Bake on my friend.

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It all looks sooo good, I've never heard of carrot jam before. Love the crust on your loaf !! OK next time we have a BBQ I'm so going to try cooking naan, thanks for the tip :)

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I still prefer my Naan baked in the oven, or on a stone on the grill - but they all taste very good which ever way.  The carrot jam is just some grated carrots, 33% by weight of carrots in sugar, some cumin and ginger with 1/3 C water to get it all going,  It's one of my personal favorites and one of Lauren Calder's recipes she got from her granny.