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Cold dough in tropics - question

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Cold dough in tropics - question

Hello everybody,

I need your advice ! I try to make baguette where the dough is kept in fridge for twenty somthing hours. 

The problem is when I remove the dough from the fridge it gets covered by condensat and become a very wet and unmanageble. Now the humidity is around 90 and the temps 28 -29 C.

I tried to put dough pieces in plastic bags for an hour to warm up but no better. 

is there anything I can do ? I really like the taste ( thank you TFL ) but I am unable to shape them. 



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take the dough out of the fridge put it in a bowl and cover with a dry towel. maybe that will help. 90 percent humidity oh my!

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I know we are supposed to shape baguettes with little/no flour but in your case I think it's acceptable to use a little to make up for the high humidity. I always keep a sprinkling of loose flour at the top of my board and use as needed... sometimes a good amount, sometimes just knowing it is there is enough!

I assume you are also having trouble slashing the baguettes, yes? Try shaping them, then cold retard, then slash right out of the refrig and put them right into the oven.

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Mini Oven

on some kind of bamboo mat so too much water can run off, don't need to worry about the crust drying out.  

If you aim a small fan on the sweating dough, it just might drive off the water as it warms up the dough faster.  Take care to not let the surface get too dry.  I would pull slack strudel dough (phyllo) in front of the blowing air-conditioner to get the dough to dry to some degree to loose it's stickiness.  Somewhere along the line, you may have to plop oiled plastic wrap on the surface to keep it moist.  Experiment and see.

You might think about shaping the dough and letting it rise slowly in the fridge and then when pulling out, let the condense moisture help your scoring, then right into the hot oven.

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Thank you for input, I will keep trying. I really like the taste. The recepie calls for a very long autolyse in the fridge then knead in yeast and salt and then 21 hours in the fridge again.

If I warm up the dough in one piece then divide, shape and bake, would it change something ?

Maybe I use wrong bags, they for vegetables so they might be breathable . I might use wooden board for warm up and cover each piece with plastic bowl. Just thinking aloud.