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Neither 'Bread' nor 'AB&P' have wholewheat pan loaf recipes?

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tn gabe

Neither 'Bread' nor 'AB&P' have wholewheat pan loaf recipes?

Has the internet reduced my brain to a mush no longer capable of finding information in printed form? I can't seem to find a recipe for a wholewheat pan (sandwich) bread in either Bread or Advanced Bread & Pastry. Anyone with either book care to confirm or point out my inability to use an index?

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If you are looking for 100% whole wheat recipes, I think you are right about Hamelman's Bread.  There are two different 50% ww recipes that can be made into pan breads.  On p. 168 (2004 version) there is a Whole Wheat Levain, and on p. 246 there is a Whole Wheat with Pecan and Golden Raisins (which can probably be omitted for a straight ww dough).  There are also several with lower percentage of ww.  Hamelman will be coming out with a second edition later this year, but I don't know what is included or left out relative to the current edition.

Another post earlier today pointed to this recipe:


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Check out:

I have used his recipe many times and like it.