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Pastrami on Challah?

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Pastrami on Challah?

Why not?  I know rye bread is traditional.  But when one’s spouse doesn’t care much for rye bread, and suggests Challah, what is one to do?  Easy answer:  make Challah.

As I noted in my last blog post, I prepared more Pastrami last weekend than would fit on my Weber, so I froze one whole brisket flat after the spice crust was applied.  A week later, I thawed it for two days in the fridge and I smoked and braised it today.  Because of time constraints, I cut the flat into two pieces, smoked them for about four hours and braised them for about two hours.  They turned out just as good as the fresh batch last week

The Challah was made using the tried-and-true Maggie Glezer’s “My Challah” recipe.

The sandwiches were excellent (though I prefer rye around my pastrami).  My wife adored it.  So it was a success.  I turned away when she put Mayo and iceberg lettuce on her pastrami sandwich.



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I think challah sounds delicious though I prefer my pastrami on a hoagie or french roll.


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I think it's good to mix things up now and then - you never know what you might discover. Fougasse and baba ghanoush worked for me!


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Beautiful looking bread...not so sure your Patrami belongs between it though!  Who am I kidding...I would eat it on a hot dog bun if that's what was available!  :)