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Without Cheesecake For Desert - There May Be No Need for Bread

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Without Cheesecake For Desert - There May Be No Need for Bread

The lemon cheesecake has been trying to bust into other posts recently so we though it needed a blog of its own.

This is not the normal NY Style that we love to no end but one where the egg whites are whipped to nearly stiff peaks and folded into the rest of the batter. 


Some folks, like my daughter, think cheesecakes should have a graham cracker crust.  But I say, just like in bread, anything that tastes great is never a problem.  Oreo cookies are never a probem when it comes to taste especially if you add melted butter to them while processing them to crumbs.

We also whipped up some fresh cherry and bourbon sauce just in case then cheesecake had some poison in it and needed alcohol to kill off the offending organism.  It seemed to work since no one has come down with anything remotely close to consumption - so far.



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It's a good thing you don't live closer to me or I might have to sneak in and steal that cheesecake!  My wife is the cake expert in my household so i think I need to give her a gentle nudge and make one!

Looks awesome and I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks.


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Though I'm saving my indulging for a while..this CC looks devine also with no cracks : ) in the bakeing.  Very nicely done.  The cherries are beautiful too.  It deserve a blog all it's own.  


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Looks wonderful!  Do the whipped egg whites give it a lighter texture than the classic?  

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beaten egg whites make the cake light as a feather and souffle like in texture.  The cheese cake ends up about 1/2" taller than normal.  We have a split decision in this house as to which one is better, just like the crust.  I prefer chocolate crust and cheese souffle texture. 

I think we threw 6 choclate sugar wafers in with the Oreos when processing with the buttter too.

Cheesecake is our favorite desert along with anything chocolatewith some sugar in it :-)