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sourdough on holiday

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sourdough on holiday

Hey, sorry I always feel as though I am bothering everyone with these bread novice posts, but I have this sourdough starter that im leaving for two weeks due to a holiday, is there anyway I can keep it happy till then?

Thanks very much, Nils

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two weeks isnt a very long time for a starter. just give it a feeding right before you leave and enjoy your trip


you can also dry your starter an put it in the freezer for like up to 3 years...


check this out


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Two weeks should be no problem.  Feed it and put it in a closed container in your refrigerator.  When you return from vacation, you probably will see a lot of brownish liquid floating on top.  I usually pour it off but you can mix it in if you like.  Then feed your starter and it should be just as good as it ever was. 

 I only bake every 12 to 15 days so my starter is kept in the refrigerator until I'm ready to bake. It's been alive and well for 4 years now. 


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oh right, thanks a lot guys

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Looks like you got the same answers I would have posted... know that questions are never a bother, they create opportunities for this great group of bakers to share their knowledge. Always ask... questions are great conversation starters.

Enjoy your holiday.


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feed it you can reduce the hydration to say 70% by feeding it a little extra flour.  This will keep the brown stuff from floating on the top and give your cold starter more food to tide it over.