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Recipe costing and nutrient labels

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Recipe costing and nutrient labels

Hello - my name is Russ. I've been around the food industry for the last ten years and have used this experience, along with the input of numerous chefs, bakers and caterers, to develope Price-Cracker software. This includes;

You can view a demo movie to where Price-Cracker Suite+ costs a recipe and creates nutrient labels.

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Price-Cracker+ and Nutrient-Panel+ are independent products, but are also available merged as Price-Cracker Suite+.
Now you can cost your recipes and create nutrient information labels in the one software package.
Price-Cracker+ is a quick, easy and accurate way to record changing costs of ingredients for measuring against your current sale prices, highlighting your recipe's profitability. The costing formula does the maths for you. Using 'one touch' technology, when you update the price of an ingredient all associated recipes are automatically recalculated with the new price. You can even use a recipe as an ingredient in other recipes, such as a pesto or sauce. You can enter weights as imperial and convert to metric with built-in technology.
Nutrient-Panel+ uses any of the following nutrient data sources;
   * USDA National Nutrient Database (SR24)
   * Canadian Nutrient File (CNF)
   * UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) Nutrient Databank (CoF IDS)
   * Food and Nutrient Database for Nutrition Labelling from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

Select the data to best meet your requirements. Re-visit your saved recipes any time to print more labels in any quantity required. Adjust Final Weight or enter a Weight Change % to factor in the cooking process. Add your own custom ingredients to recipes. Printout a variety of ENERGY and CALORIE labels. Export your data to Excel or Word to format your own customised labels.

You can download the software and trial it. For more details see my website.

Many thanks for your time
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I suppose that this is nice and useful but is it advertising?