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Jasmine Tea, 50% Whole Multi-Grain SD & YW Durum Atta Bread with Wheat Germ, Flax and Chia Seeds

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Jasmine Tea, 50% Whole Multi-Grain SD & YW Durum Atta Bread with Wheat Germ, Flax and Chia Seeds

Boule and crumb.

We are continuing to discover a better method of summer baking in the Cuisinart mini oven.  This time we tried Sylvia’s steaming method by using a 1 cup Pyrex measuring  cup half full of water with a dish rag rolled up inside and microwaving it before putting it onto the preheated 500 F mini oven.

 No stone was used.  We think this steaming method is a good as covering the boule with a stainless mixing bowl and that both would be better with a stone.

 Even though the loaf was not slashed, since we managed forget to do so, I though for sure it would split somewhere but it only cracked down one side.  There wasn’t much spring - about an inch.  It browned up nicely though.  We love the color that durum brings to bread inside and out and about 50% of this bread was durum with the other 50% whole grains of various varieties with wheat germ and the flax ground.  The whole grains overpowered the yellow color of the durum with barn on the inside though.  This bread is much more about being a hearty multi-grain variety.

 The only slightly unique addition to this bread was using Vietnamese 902 Green Jasmine Tea for the liquid.  I just love Vietnamese jasmine tea and used one that is especially fragrant with jasmine blossoms. 

Boule crumb

 The crust was nicely browned and chewy after coming out of the oven very crusty.  The crumb was very moist and light and tastes very sour. It made a fine sammy and it was delicious as toast or plain.   I have noticed that, if YW and SD starters are mixed from the beginning of the levain build, the bread is less sour.  The boule sprang more than the loaf and the crumb was a little more open.

Loaf crumb

 This bread didn’t have the usual sprouts and pumpkin or sunflower seeds (since I also forgot to put the pumpkin seeds in) we like so well, but it is a very hearty and satisfying bread to munch on – until it is gone!  Formula and method follow:


 The YW and SD levains were built separately this time and used 3 builds.  The first 2 builds for each were 4 hours apart and the levains were refrigerated overnight at the 8 hour mark right after the 3rd build as each had already doubled. 

 All mixing was done by hand.  The flours, ground flax seeds, wheat germ, chia seeds, salt and green tea with the salt were autolysed for 1 hour before the levains were added the next morning.   After mixing the levains in completely the dough was allowed to rest for 20 minutes.

 4 sets of S&F’s were done every 15 minutes.  The first 2 were done on a floured surface the last 2 in a well oiled, bowl.  The dough was rested in a plastic covered oiled bowl between the S & F’s.  The dough was allowed to ferment and develop on the counter for 1 ½ hours before retarding in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

 The dough doubled in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning the dough was divided in half and half returned to the refrigerator since it would be baked one hour after the first half.  The other half was allowed to come to room temperature for 1 hour and then pre-shaped into a loaf rested 10 minutes and final shaped into a loaf and placed into a Pyrex loaf tin and allowed to proof.  The other half of the dough went through the same process but shaped into a boule and placed into a rice floured basket to proof.

 After an hour and half the loaf had doubled, passed the poke test and ready to bake .  Sylvia’s steaming method was used with a wash rag heated in a half full Pyrex 1 cup measure in the microwave and the placed in the back of a 500 F preheated Cuisinart Mini Oven.  No stone was used.  The loaf was not slashed but was steamed  for 12 minutes and then the steam removed and the temperature turned down to 425 F convection this time.

 The bread was then rotated every 5 minutes until if reached 205 F internal and then was removed to the cooling rack with no extra crisping in an off oven.  After the first 5 minutes of convection baking the loaf was removed from the Pyrex loaf pan and baked directly on the rack. 

 A similar process was used for the boule except it was slashed and steamed on parchment paper on the top cover of the broiling pan for the first 12 minutes and then baked at 425 F directly on the rack.  The loaf took about 30 minutes of total baking time and the boule 3 minutes less.

50% Whole Multi Grain Durum Atta with Wheat Germ, Flax and Chia Seeds     
Mixed StarterBuild 1Build 2 Build 3Total%
SD Starter25100354.50%
Yeast Water503008016.00%
Durum Atta0030306.00%
Total Starter2252006048597.00%
Levain % of Total33.24%    
Dough Flour %   
Durum Atta30060.00%   
Dark Rye255.00%   
White WW5010.00%   
Whole Barley255.00%   
Whole Bulgar255.00%   
Potato Flakes102.00%   
Ground Flax Seed102.00%   
Whole 6 Grain Cereal306.00%   
Dough Flour500100.00%   
Green Tea 42585.00%   
Dough Hydration85.00%    
Total Flour777.5    
Green Tea - 425, Water - 207.5632.5    
T. Dough Hydration81.35%    
Whole Grain %53.05%    
Hydration w/ Adds80.32%    
Total Weight1,459    
Add - Ins %   
Wheat Germ102.00%   
VW Gluten102.00%   
 Chia 20204.00%   


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Your bake is all around very creative and looks and so healthy and delicious especially that sandwich.  I love the way it sliced up.  What a beautiful crumb and crust and done in a mini oven to boot..nice work!  

Mini Steamed in a Mini it!


dabrownman's picture

Sylvia's Mini Steaming for the Mini Oven!  Ecstatic isn't too strong a word either.    It just worked great.  Now we have no problem baking bread this summer  at all.  We can even get another Pyrex cup measure and do 2 of them  just like the big GE oven.

This bread slices great.  When the Sandwich loaf came out of the oven it was crunchy hard but it softened as it cooled to perfect for slicing crust.  This morning we had no problem slicing 1/3" slices  and could have gone thinner.  It's the yeast water that makes it possible because it sliced just like teketekes YW Japanese White Sandwich Loaf.  It is also delicious bread even without the malts, sweeteners, sprouts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Thanls for your kind words and plenty of steam!

gmabaking's picture

Your breads are beautiful and creative, as is your lovely picture of the sandwich plate. I love Earl Grey tea, wonder how that smoky taste of bergamot would be in a ww loaf....may have to try that after tomorrow's bagels and pretzels bake. As always, thank you for inspiration to try new ventures


dabrownman's picture

trying to decide what teas to use, we almost used Ahmad's Special #1 (my favorite breakfast tea) which has Assam, Ceylon and Earl Grey in the mix.  It would have been a better choice as the bread evolved into a 50% whole, non white grain one from the 100%; Durum, semolina and white flour one it started out trying to be.    Earl Grey in bagels sounds like breakfast!

I got the green tea idea from reading Shaio-Ping's blog - what a great baker blogger she is!

You girls are baking up a storm on the ITJB and I follow it closely.  Thanks for your kind words.

Mebake's picture

You really are on a baking marathon DA! I can't catch up..

Those are really attractive wholegrain loaves. absolutely  lovely crust color, and warm hearty crumb interior.

Your baking skills have really improved.


dabrownman's picture

 it really wasn't though, when you said baking was addictive.  Addiction leads to baking more often,which means more practice and practice leads to better baking which addicts even you more.  This baking stuff should be classified as a drug:-)

The semolina really colors the crust as nice as any flour can.  The crust on the sandwich loaf is extra special - best to date.  The crumb is so soft, airy and moist.  It turned to be a very fine sandwich bread.

Thanks for your gracious and encouraging words Khalid.    I'm getting better at bread baking and am determined to be the best baker I can be.  Even the scoring is getting better.

Get well soon.

isand66's picture

Another inspiring bake DA!

You keep pushing the envelope and coming up with some great looking and tasting breads.

Your crust looks great and the crumb looks just about perfect for this kind of bread.

So do you taste the tea in the bread?

Also, I would be curious to see if you baked this bread with either only a straight SD levain how it would compare to having both in it.

Now that I have my feet wet, I have to start swimming much faster to stay in your wake! :)

dabrownman's picture

even if we had stayed with the original intent of a durum, semolina white flour bread, the jasmine green tea flavor would not have come through - but it might.  After the bread morphed into a 50% whole grain one it didn't stand a chance :-)  This bread needed straight and strong Earl Grey!

One of the things I want to do is go back and do some of these combo starter breads with just SD to see how they change.  I'm sure they would be different in both crumb  and crust.  Being a SD fan at heart, I might like them better plain SD but maybe not.  These breads end up pretty nice for those favorite sandwiches.

Your breads are way, way more creative than mine!  I don't have armadillo nectar as yet, but I did buy some agave nectar yesterday just try to keep up with the Ians.  Can cottage cheese be far behind?  Would heve to make that though.

You will like this bread if you make it.

Thanks for your comments Ian.

isand66's picture

Gotta love that agave nectar though!....I just bought some Chia seeds at Whole Foods after reading about how much you seem to love them.  Do you prefer them as part of a soaker or as a topping or just an add in?

I almost broke down and bought the hemp seeds, but after spending $20 for a red snapper I had to watch my pennies....They were also selling hemp seeds ground up into a powder.  Have you tried that version yet?

I just bought a few different kinds of loose tea, one being a choclate flavored variety, so I may have to try and incorporate that into a bread one of these days...

Keep pushing the envelope and enjoy our addiction!

hanseata's picture

Interesting. Did the delicate jasmine tea flavor really survive the coupling with those stronger tasting ingredients?

Great that your small oven works that well - I looked at one in a kitchen store a while ago, and wondered whether it really could do it.


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Next time we will do a white bread, as originally intended, and make the green tea 3 times stronger!  I think chia seeds would work well in that bread.

We will keep working with the mini oven until it can bake as good as it can.  It has a middle and very bottom (right on top of the heating elements) rack positions.  I wish it had one between the two.  Now that the steaming is sorted out, the stone is the final piece to the mini bread baking puzzle.

Will find one at Goodwill or source a 12" square x 1/2 " unglazed quarry tile at a tile place.  Both Home Depot and Lowe's quit carrying them for some reason.  For the one loaf of bread a week I should be baking for the two of us (when one eats Oroweat exclusively) it will be nearly as good at baking bread as the big GE eventually.  That will cut the the gigantically, humongous electricity bill some and being able to take it outside and not heat the house for extra A/C in the AZ summer is a real plus.

That mini oven really baked some good bread this time - surprising how good ........ really.