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Let's Have Some Lunch and Other Stuff

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Let's Have Some Lunch and Other Stuff

It's almost been a week since the last sandwich for lunch post and some of us are getting hungry.

grilled 50% whole grain with sprouts seeds and nuts,  Amish Swiss cheese with Italian salami with Brownman pickles and pico.

A dinner snuck in there with herbed and seeded ciabatta bun for the hammy, caramelized onion and mushrooms with some baked mini oven wedge fries.

Ciabatta salami and cheese, cantaloupe, grilled pineapple and some grilled pico.

got some more of those nice apricots - not for jam this time.

Dinner salad with cold steamed veggies (broccoli, summer squash, corn ,green bean), carrot, mushroom, green onion, red and green pepper, celery and 2 kinds of lettuce.

the 50% whole grain bread with orange home grown tomato and grilled smoked sausage with pepperjack cheese.

Grilled chicken and cheese with strawberry stuffed apricots, pickles, jicama, tomato salad and mango - the world's most eaten fruit!

How did that get in here...and who pinched the e topping twice?  Apprentices are suspect!

Another interloper, this time a salad for 2.

90% whole grain, spouts, nuts and seeds used for grilled salami and cheese with pickles, green chili verde, berries and mango.

After this in 100 F heat...

You need this for lunch ...Amish Swiss, tomato, grilled chicken sandwich on 90% whole grain with celery and carrot, cold steamed veg, pickle, berries, apricot and guacamole on tomato. 





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I'm waiting for my wife to come home from work so we can go get a bite to eat....why am I torturing myself reading your blog!

Another nice spread as usual. 

Do you have ice in your pool or is it more like a hot-tub?

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Sven the Scandinavian.  In the winter you heat the spa and the pool is 45 degrees.  Just jump between the two.  In the summer the pool is 98 F and you throw a 40# block of ice in the spa and jump between the two.   Sven's got nothing on Brownmen :-)

Glad the post made you hungry so no food will be wasted but sorry about your starter being dry.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

Or you have 12 kids, a wife, and an apprentice (with 12 sous apprentices).

(I wish some of the grocery stores would make there way to Denver. We have some of the worst markets here with Safeway, Albertsons and King Soopers).

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a lot of food doesn't it :-)  But, it was 6 straight days of lunches, the hamburger was a dinner, 2 dinner salads (we eat huge salads here every day for dinner) some apricots and a pineapple upside down cake that was baked in a 12"cast iron skillet which is one of my daughters favorites and wasn't consumed all at once but could have been and didn't last long :-)  The plates are 8 1/2 '" diameter and the cutting board is 8" square.  The photography makes things look bigger than they are when it comes to the lunch plates so the sammy's and other portions are pretty small.  Plate size = portion control for us.

Am very concerned about the fires.  We have many friends that live in the mountains around Denver and Boulder since I worked and lived there several times.  The only house we designed and built there was for a friend in Coal Creak Canyon.  Oddly, it had its own fire suppression system for the entire outside of the house, which was constructed  totally out of fireproof materials on the outside.  Studs and rafters were steel, steel standing seam roof, stucco walls.  It had it's own on site cistern for the water storage (partially filled by rain water off the roof), emergency generator for the small fire pump with battery start and could be started manually on site  (not a good idea in fire conditions) or remotely by radio.  It would protect a fireproof constructed house for roughly 20 minutes, plenty of time for a fast moving forest fire.   It didn't cost that much either but was less than normal since we were doing the work ourselves.  It did reduced the fire insurance costs dramatically, but my friend said he wasn't sure he wanted to live in a place where everything around it was burned down and would recover for decades.

Even the fire suppression system for my friend was trade off too - as most things are in the end.

Still, I am amazed that insurance companies don't require similar fire suppression systems for mountain property.  Even Scottsdale AZ, no where near a fire area (unless you consider spontaneous combustion), requires fire sprinklers inside (not outside) all residential construction as well aqs commercial.  Water is harder to come by in the mountains though and many private wells are going or have gone dry in the last 10 years.