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The SD / YW Chacon Revisited – 90% Whole Grain, Multigrain Sprouts, Walnut and Sage Paste, Pumpkin Seeds and Whey Water

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The SD / YW Chacon Revisited – 90% Whole Grain, Multigrain Sprouts, Walnut and Sage Paste, Pumpkin Seeds and Whey Water

After having such a nice loaf turn out from the last Chacon bake, we thought we would do everything we could to mess it up – and we did mess up more than half of it without much difficulty at all.  These things happen when you try new things.  Not to worry when we can learn from near disasters.

 We took a more difficult but very nice 90% whole grain formula and decided to try it out in the Cuisinart mini convection oven  we want to use for summer baking.   The problem is that space is limited, steaming is harder and keeping the steam in difficult.

 So we decided to try baking this loaf 2 different ways with steam and see which one performed better.

One was using the broiling pan that came with the oven, putting water below and baking the bread on the perforated cover.  The other way was to bake the bread on the broiler pan bottom and put a stainless steel mixing bowl over the top.

The spare tire.

 We also wanted to try out some different patterns for the Chacon as well as try out a new shaping method that would help in spring.   We did two folds and crimps (like shaping baguette) for the outside ring instead of one.

The loaf steamed with the full broiler pan and the water below, we decorated with flax seeds and bran stuck to the loaf with egg white.  One the other round loaf we used 3 smaller knotted rolls instead of one in the middle and left it undecorated under its steel steaming lid that acted like a cloche.


The winner was unmistakable.  The cloche, steel lidded loaf, performed much better as far as spring goes.   But, after removing the steaming lid my apprentice forgot to move the loaf up a rack level and burned the bottom of it.  OOPPPSSS!   The other loaf didn’t have any spring at all - but was not burnt.  Between the two, we got zero decent bread but would if you could cut the good bottom one of them and switch it to the other better sprung and looking top.

 Now we know that the mini oven will work fine in the summer to make bread when plugged in outside by using the cloche and the apprentice has learned her lesson.

The method for this bread was the 3 day process and similar to this bake:

3 stage levain YW and SD combo starter, overnight retard of the starter, 24 hour autolyse for the flour and the liquid using whey water from yogurt making this time, 1 1/2 hour ferment/development followed by overnight retard for the dough with final proof the next day in rice floured baskets in a trash bag.

We also used walnut oil and crushed walnuts for a separate paste like Phil did for his Walnut and Sage bread and put walnuts and pumpkin seeds in the bread too with the sprouts.  – Thanks Phil!  We preheated to 500 F regular bake and then did a regressive temperature baking profile.  After 2 minutes 450 F.  After 15 minutes, remove steam or cloche and turn oven down to 400 F convection.  Turn loaf 180 degrees every 5 minutes until done about more 20 minutes or 35 minutes total until temp hits 205   the center of the loaf.   Leave in oven to crisp for 10 minutes with oven off and door ajar.

See how the purple color comes out under inside artificial lighting - The walnut oil paste finally shows itself. 


As you can see the crumb is nice and airy even with 90% whole grains in this loaf.  The power of YW shows.  The crumb was moist.  The crust stayed crisp and crunchy even hours later.  Tuns out the dark crust came from reusing the parchment paper from the Croissant bake - butter transferring to the crust and turning dark. It didn't taste bad nor was it tough or hard to cut - just dark - and extra tasty.  The Chacon curse was partially lifted.  This is one great tasting bread too.  We love all the whole grains, add ins, nuts and sprouts.   The whey water makes this breadhave a deep SD flavor that builds over time.  The Chacon has it's new formula now too. 

As a final note we did pinch of 100 g of fermented dough right before it went into the fridge to use as a starter for a pizza and pide for tonight’s dinner - turned out very well.  We will make that a separate post though.

The formula follows the pix and we won’t have crumb shots for 24 hours.

90% Whole Grain SD, YW Combo w/ Sprouts, Walnuts, Seeds and Whey      
Mixed StarterBuild 1Build 2 Build 3Total   %
SD Starter25100354.65%
Yeast Water050257512.82%
Dark Rye0250254.27%
Soft White W0050508.55%
Total Starter1251107531052.99%
Levain % of Total18.89%    
Dough Flour    %   
Whole Rye508.55%   
Whole Soft White Wheat20034.19%   
Whole Spelt254.27%   
Whole Millet254.27%   
Whole Quinoa254.27%   
White WW508.55%   
Whole Farro203.42%   
Whole Barley203.42%   
Whole Bulgar254.27%   
Potato Flakes101.71%   
Ground Flax Seed101.71%   
Whole 6 Grain Cereal254.27%   
Dough Flour585100.00%   
Whey 450, Water 7552589.74%   
Dough Hydration89.74%    
Total Flour752.5    
Whey 450, Water 75667.5    
T. Dough Hydrat.88.70%    
Whole Grain %89.24%    
Hydration w/ Adds89.04%    
Total Weight1,641    
Multigrain Sprouts     %   
Total Sprouts7512.82%   
Add - Ins      %   
Red Rye Malt20.34%   
White Rye Malt20.34%   
Walnut Oil 50.85%   
Dried Sage10.17%   
Barley Malt203.42%   
Wheat Germ101.71%   
VW Gluten101.71%   
Sunflower Seeds 25, Walnuts 507512.82%   


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thomaschacon (not verified)

So you burnt one and caught a flat with the other.

These are but minor inconveniences: the ole' Chacon curse becoming manifest in your bread. It's impish like that and probably just a projection of my recent bike rides (sunburned like a boiled lobster and 3 flats in 5 days).

The outer Chacon with inner variations was exactly what I was thinking about for the banana bread (that I seem incapable of bringing to fruition). You must have read my mind, which is probably how the curse traveled across space-time.

As restitution, I offer a solution that will make the mini oven work miracles: plug it into the neighbor's outdoor electricity receptacle.


La Maledizione! (The Curse!)

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rolling on the floor.  Why didn't you tell me about the Chacon curse?    I would have spelled it Chacone had I known about the flat tire thing .  Now just because I made a flat tire, that looked like a tire from all the way across the cosmos, Co to AZ,  this fact is really beside the point when curses are involved in beer or bread making.

Next thing you know a mummy or perhaps a vapor ghoul will come to my door calling Chacon, Chacon, Chacon... with a tire pump in one hand and a deadly scorpion in then other.   I need some more insurance :-)  

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Sorry your bake didn't turn out the way you hoped.  I know the feeling!  My corn bread concoction is being used as bird food right now.   Lucky birds and squirrels indeed.

Curious to see how your  crumb comes out.



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The bake turned out fine.  The bread is delicious and so light and airy for so much whole grain. The walnuts, sage in combination with the sprouts is amazing.   Thought for sure the little Krups would burn up on this one.  The semolina is the only thing it didn't grind.   Didn't expect the first one to spring but the crumb was passable anyway.  Didn't think it would look as bad as it did on the outside though with very little cracking and odd amoeba decoration.   The 2nd cloche loaf was just grand even though the bottom got dark from the previous bakes croissant  butter.  It didn't taste burnt and it wasn't hard or hard to cut.   We could eat that bread all day long - and just might.

I'm glad to find out exactly how to use the mini oven for other than loaf breads this summer.  You have to try this bread once you YW gets up and running.

Crumb shots are up.   

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Glad to hear it tasted great!  Your crumb looks very nice and as you say, the most important thing is the taste, taste and taste!

My YW is raring to much that one of my helpers Cosmo was having a grand old time yesterday staring in amazment at the container it is living wife told me it was making odd noises that were driving my poor Cosmo bonkers!

I will attempt to make a simple levain with it this weekend and we will see what happens. 

My rye, spelt, coffee, multi-grain is resting before its upcoming visit with the eternal flames....

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Cuisinart oven even more, now that you've gotten over the main hurtle.  The loaf turned out fine and that made the experiment worth it's weight in flour.  Looking forward to more :)  Just got home for the evening.  I drove past a lovely little deer on my steet, we both stopped and staired.  Nature is so lovely.  Then I set out tomorrow's pickup for our neighborhood food drive..when I came back in.. I had a humungous spider,  his body about the size of quarter sitting on my chest..nearly fainted, it's back looked very, very similar to your 13th photo..same color too!  Chacon Spider Bread : )


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thomaschacon (not verified)

This Chacon no like spiders at all.

No spider bread!

It does remind me of the Chacon Spider Cake, though. It was supposed to look like this:

Being the first time I'd made pecan tuiles (the cigarette-looking thingies on top) and I made 8 gigantic ones instead of 16 smaller ones.

It looked like a giant spider cake with 8 pecan-tuile legs!

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thing has to be the Chacon curse at work.  The Lovely Bambi diverts your attention..... while the spider attacks :-) 

My daughter said yesterday's pizza was the best ever even though my wife and her both agreed that they like our focaicca Romana crust with sun dried tomato, garlic and fresh rosemary crust better.  How these square is beyond me but the pide took the honors by far in my book.  The sun dried tomato and basil feta, Swiss chard, red and green peppers and caramelized oniond were a fine combination.

SylviaH's picture

have taken a picture of the bugger before I picked it up with my grippers and tossed it back outside.  They are harmless, commonly seen around here and very large.  I was just glad it didn't get on my face..they string their webs right across walkways for some distance.  

Oh yes, your pide and pizza..just gorgeous!  I had a feeling you would be taken with how you can add all the lovely fillings of your imagination to a Pide :)  they are fun to make. 


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DA...I can't seem to find the post where you told me how to convert a SD recipe to using YW.  Can you point me in the right direction again?

ALso, if I wanted to take a simple recipe that uses instant yeast like english muffins, what would be your suggestion to convert it to YW?

Sorry to ask again, but I neglected to print your last response out or if I did the cat must have eaten it :).



dabrownman's picture

Check your email.

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Wow dabrownman!

  Beside being  a chef, an architect, you are also a scientist! Reading the ingredients list, this got to be the most "multigrain" of all the multi grain bread I see so far on the TFL post. Keep up the good work please! I really enjoy reading all your posts. Thanks.


dabrownman's picture

I consider myself more of a mad scientist and wanna be Thaichef :-)  These are the kinds of breads I prefer to eat so I make variations of them most often.  The multi-grain challah was fairly loaded too.  I look to see what is in the grain bin at the time and start grinding away!  One day we will hit the 100% multi-grain level :-)  I'm glad you like the posts and thanks for your gracious comments.