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Little effort, perfect bread-I just had to to come soon.

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Little effort, perfect bread-I just had to to come soon.


Yesterday I had to make some sandwich loaves.

I have been sticking with Monkeys' biga vs straight Whole-Wheat buttermilk Bread experiment recipe

I love this recipe. Even when you dont make the biga, it is still delicious! I add some rye flour and a tiny amout of white italian flour to give it a bit of extra help in the softness department, but I think now it doesnt really need it.

So, yesterday afternoon around 5 pm I threw all the ingredients in a bowl. Mixed till well combined and left it for about 90 mins...almost 2 hours. I was busy making dinner and trying to direct my lost parents through the main streets of Sydney from using maps on the internet. (it took them 3 hours to find us.) so through all this business, I forgot to knead the bread.

I finally had a chance and it was soooo wet that I could only fold it a few times. So, that is what I did. every hour or so over about 4 or 5 hours I folded it. I think I ended up folding it only 3 or 4 times. I then shaped it and let it proof in tins as it was just so slack (I was afraid I'd end up with flat bread) for only 30-45 mins. It looked really wobbly and like it had over proofed even though it didnt rise much in the final proofing. I was disapointed and was expecting to find little flat things in my loaf pans when it was cooked. So, I steamed 200deg celcius oven slashed the loaves down the middle and put them in the oven. misted for 5 mins and they bloomed. I swear it was about 30-40% oven spring. I was flabbergated!

The best of all. They taste amazing! The crumb is more open than a sourdough I made 2 days ago. I am so amazed.

When my camera is charged I will take photos of the loaf that is left (we loved it so much one loaf is almost demolished and it has been 14 hours since they came out of the oven :D. We did have 5 mouths to feed it into though ;)


I am the type of baker who bakes by feel. yesterday even though I was afraid I'd end up with flat bread, I just chucked it all together with out much commitment except that I stayed up late so I could cook them. Between these and my pumpkin bread I am feeling so very happy and confident with my skills.

I was going to make this a blog but I just wanted to share with everyone my effortless perfect bread.


* photos to come*



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Well, then. I guess next time I make this bread, I'll ditch the initial kneading, and fold it. Very cool. Thanks!

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lol. dont forget to forget it for the first 2 hours!  long autolysing :)