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Anyone has experience with half baked frozen dough ? What do I mean ? can I half bake my ...let's say baguette, then freeze it. When wanting to eat, just pop into the oven to finish the bake.  I see them in the supermarket, so it should be possible... Question is, WHEN to stop the bake...





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a bakery i worked in for a while did a lot of par baked baguettes. They were baked to about 90%ish done, basically baked but just a little anaemic when they came out of the oven, they were then left to cool at ambient and blast frozen. After that they would be delivered to various cafe's etc where they would then be blasted in a convection oven for a few minutes and sold as freshly baked (tanned) bread. I personally have a fairly serious dislike to this practice, not the par baking just the calling it freshly baked bit, still its good for business I'm sure. 

Hope this helps

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thomaschacon (not verified)

Tomdrum said it: The word for this method is "par-baked" or "par baked".

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I had no clue how is it called.... Lots of usefull info in the search results... Thanks!!