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My first sourdough bread and introduction

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My first sourdough bread and introduction


Although I've been following posts on this great site for the past few months, I'm pretty much a newbie compared to the level of breadmaking presented here. First, I want to commend Floyd and the site members for the amazing level of enthusiasm, expertise, artistry, support, and encouragement found here. That said, after about 3 years of baking mostly sandwich loaves (4-5 loaves a week; 20% rye, 20% WW, 60% bread flour, with yeast spiked with SD starter) and following this forum from time to time, I figured it was time to try a real sourdough first and then introduce myself to TFL while I'm at it. I picked breadsong's Shepherd's Bread ( for the task. Unfortunately, I didn't plan the timing of this recipe to accomodate sleep and found myself ready for the final shaping at 1:30AM. Choosing sleep over pretty bread, I popped the boule in the basket into the fridge and conked out. Of course, the loaf the was over-proofed by the time I stuck it in the oven this morning, so no amazing oven spring. As well, being time for everyone to go to school, work, etc., I couldn't wait till it was fully cooled before cutting. Still, I think it came out pretty good (at least tastewise - I still have a ways to go in shaping and scoring): crisp, airy crust and light crumb with the long-awaited SD tang. So here is my (not-such-a) masterpiece:


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Mini Oven

It is a masterpiece!   Once sliced, taste is all that matters!   Ya did good squeezing picture taking into your busy morning too.

Welcome to TFL!     :)

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Hello meirp,
Logged on this morning to find your nicely-written introduction...and Shepherd's Bread! :^)
I am so glad you made this bread...fresh-baked bread first thing in the morning is such a treat...sending everyone off to start their day with a warm slice!
Your loaf has a beautiful dark crust, and beautifully shaped - perfectly round - and I'm delighted you liked the crust and crumb (we did too).
Once again, welcome, and thanks for sharing the results of your beautiful bake!
:^) breadsong

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For 40% rye and WW you boule looks beauteous (an almost nearly real baking term).  Nice job and welcome to TFL.

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Thx all for the warm welcome and great compliments. BTW (dabrownman) the 40% rye is my regular house-bread, unlike this morning's bread - Breadsong's recipe - which is 50% WW, 50% white (no rye - good thing too, because the dough was sticky enough without having to deal with Rye...).