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Bread Baskets - A Serious Illness Revealed

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Bread Baskets - A Serious Illness Revealed

Here is a sample of what the darker side of bread baking will reveal if you don't keep you apprentice on a short leash.  I wish that was all of them but these are just the ones I found in the garage.  More good deals like these and my apprentice will be broke :-)  She said we have to use the 6 sided one next but wonder how you have to shape for that!

She looks pretty guilty don't you think?


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I wish I had an apprentice like that. Finding baskets around here is a major hassle

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problem before  I found TFL and needed to train my apprentice who, beside her basketry faults,  is one fine taste tester with a nose for baking right otherwise.    She might be getting a little chubby though.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

That apprentice needs her debit card confiscated until further notice.

For the hexagon, pat the dough into a circle, then fold from the outside to center from 6 cardinal directions

  • Fold 1. Fold from the North towards the center.
  • Fold 2. Fold from the South towards the center.
  • Fold 3. Fold from the Northwest towards the center.
  • Fold 4. Fold from the Southwest towards the center.
  • Fold 5. Fold from the Northeast towards the center.
  • Fold 6. Fold from the Southeast towards the center.

Something like this, but maybe bigger flaps (the blue parts).

Got the idea from Hanseata's Pain à la Bière, which is trianglular.

Caveat emptor! :D

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cool as all get out!  Are you sure you're not French Thomas?  You've go bread in your blood.

If you just folded the blue part like you said, sealed the folds and put it in the basket with the 6 seams side down.  The middle would be single thickness and the entire perimeter would be double.  You would end up with a 6 sided Altamura style bread when you baked it seam side up.  Very nice solution Thomas - thanks!

I think you have come up with a new and unique shape that we will have to call the 'Chacon' and try to perfect it.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

Finally immortalized! ;D

I'll try the Chacon if I ever start baking again. The PTSD from March's electric bill is waning.

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My wife said the electricity bill for April was sky high compared to last year.  I have to start making loaves in the Mini Oven outside soon - she will flip when she sees the bill for May.

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Mini Oven

I'm a sucker for baskets too, but for serving in them more so!

Na ya...  The hidden expense in bread baking   ...the heat.      Hide the bill until your birthday.  :)

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Make sure you take some good photos to show us how your 6 sided bread turns out!

I am envious of your collection....I shall have to be more diligent and train one of my apprentices to sniff out some good bargains!