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Anonymous baker (not verified)


If anyone wants to make my Parmigiano Reggiano bread (or anything else that calls for this cheese (or Grana Padano)), consider buying the cheese right now.

The already exorbitant cost is about to get much worse:

An earthquake in Italy destroyed 400,000 88-pound wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheese.—

The earthquake that struck northern Italy will affect production and export of some of the area's most internationally famous culinary delicacies - Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano cheeses.

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Oh my, those are a staple  in my kitchen- thanks for the head up so I can plan accordingly!

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thomaschacon (not verified)

Price hadn't increased yet, but it's coming.

Call me Quickdraw McGraw. ;D

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thomaschacon (not verified)

What a tragedy.

Glad it's cheese and not people, though!

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we would buy up all the supposedly damaged cheese, from its new owners, at discounted damage prices and try to find an appropriate home for it - hopefully at a substantial profit.  I'm guessing that most will be exported at reduced, but still ridiculous prices, because the insurance companies who now own much of it, will try to reduce their losses.  Food processors, who use a lot of the real stuff, are already trying to find out who owns the cheese now - and what they want for it.  Just business.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

If I'd have insured that cheese, I would have insured on replaceable value, not actual.

I wonder how many of those were young / old cheeses, the price differential between the two being enormous.

One hopes we don't get a flood of semi-aged Parmesan at full price.

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thomaschacon (not verified)
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As long as Wisconsin is tectonically stable I'll be ok cheese-wise.