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Alnwick Farmers’ Market; Bread and Roses, May 2012

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Alnwick Farmers’ Market; Bread and Roses, May 2012

Alnwick Farmers’ Market; Bread and Roses, May 2012 The sun has been shining in the UK this week, and, finally it is warm here; not before time! Yesterday and today’s baking have produced some very tasty breads plus other treats too [croissants, pain au chocolats, pain amandes and spicy buns]! I laid out my produce this evening and came up with 70 loaves plus the aforementioned treats. There are Gilchesters’ breads made with local flour plus levain, seeded breads and 5 grain breads with levain, an assortment of rye such as Seigle d’Auvergne, Pain de Siègle de Thézac, Moscow Rye and Black Pumpernickel, plus yeasted varieties, wholemeal bloomers, brown tin loaves and chollah I have already posted formulae for all these breads. But, here is a slideshow to summarise the last 2 days, working away at my home, “Ananda” in Powburn, Northumberland. See:

All good wishes, and Happy Baking! Andy


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Safe to say that will all be sold out in short order once the market opens. Nice work my friend, that's a lot of product to crank out ones home in two days and it all looks awesome!

Have a great market day Andy, 


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and they will come!  That's some fine bread my friend - very nice examples of your staples.  These breads are your bread and butter.  Still wish you would ship though :-)

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Ditto.....all your breads look great as usual.


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Great baking of a great variety of breads ... and all from your home bakery. Marvellous!

Hope the markets is a sell out again for you.


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Hi Andy,
Great photos of beautiful baking...'oven spring in the sunshine', indeed!
What a stunning display!
:^) breadsong

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Absolutely wonderful, Andy! Artisan baking at it's very finest. The buns looked so plump and gorgeous in the sun... I'd love to have (at the very least) one with a cup of tea :)

This'll be another sell-out, Andy.

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Wish I could be there to snap up some of those loaves.  -Varda


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would be trying to decide which to take home!  They all look so good!


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Juergen Krauss

Your dedication is visible in every single piece you make, and what a variety!

Good to hear from you,



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Hello Franko, dabrownman, Ian, Phil, breadsong, hansjoakim, Varda, Paul and Juergen
All your comments and support are truly appreciated.
The weather was really beautiful today; trade was good and steady throughout the morning. The seed breads and the 5 grain both sold out quickly! I ended up with 3 Moscow Rye loaves sitting all alone on the stall. Well, unless a "rye afficionado" comes along, they will never sell...and they didn't. I am still very happy how today went; income still on the increase, and I believe there was a great range of breads on offer here.
Olympic Torch comes to Alnwick soon, very soon. Do I take a stall for the event???
Again, thank you all.
Very best wishes

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Have a very good market day, Andy. Your breads are amazing. We have a wonderful weather this week in Brussels too.

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 A one man show of baking excellence!  I trust you returned home sans bread.


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impressive! you baked the breads in your wood fire oven?

the Black Pumpernickel is not pictured, or I missed it? I like the challot and Gilchesters miche, an the Moscow Rye has a very deep dark nice colour. I would have bought them all!

Great to see your bakings, thank you for sharing! Looking forward to see your next production :)

all the best,


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Hi Andy

Those loaves look as lovely as yours always do. 

Best Wishes


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Hello Olga, Larry, Codruta and Richard,

How lovely to hear from you all and thank you so much for your kind words.   Please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

Larry, I hope all is well in your professional baking world; I really miss your posts here on TFL.

Codruta, the Pumpernickel was baked in the same-sized lidded pans used for the Moscow Rye.   It is slightly darker in colour.   The formula is quite similar to Hamelman's except that it meets Mini's criteria for being a "Pumpernickel" it is 100% Rye.   I used a combination of whole rye grain, rye flakes, dark and light rye flours plus altus made with Moscow Rye bread.   There is a touch of Molasses in there, but no spice and no malted rye.

Best wishes to you all


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production! If there's still some bun left I'd take a couple:) There's only the embarassment of choice, Andy!!!

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Hi Nico,

Very good to hear from you; not seen you around so much on TFL of late.

Are you ok with my answer about Choux Paste?

I'm planning a couple of advanced bread classes to run down in Leeds after Christmas.   One involves making some regional Italian breads.   Do you know if this flour is any good?;p:Flour;d:FAR25;i:260;c:11;m:lst;find:;

All good wishes


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Hi Andy, I've just read your reply about the choux paste, thanks!

I'm very busy these days, I can hardly find the energies to turn on the pc at night. Unfortunately  I'm overworked.

I don't know that flour, but the bag reminds me very much of a brand that I bought a couple of times with serious disappointment. After all the types I tried I can tell you that you can play safe only with two brands: Tandoi and Divella.

Best wishes,


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Hi Richard,

Thank you, good suggestion; I had thought about using de Cecco.   It's not really local to the bread regions I had in mind, and it's very industrial.   But, it's good flour if I can't find anything nearer to what I'm hoping for.

Thanks again; best wishes