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My ears are "broken"

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My ears are "broken"

Dear folks,

I am facing a problem over and over, perhaps someone here could shed some light before I give up! :-)

As you can see from above, the cuts on my batard are tearing down until my 2 slashes join together. It always happen to the end of the cut. The bread is a simple lean dough at about 67% hydration (I am trying to fix this problem before going for longer formulas or flavor enhancements).

Has anyone passed through a similar situation? Is it a question of underproofing or weak/poor gluten development? I´ve noticed great improvement on the dough after I started using Bertinet´s kneading method. I also stretch&fold a couple of times during a one hour period. Final proofing is taking about 90min. And I am scoring at a shallow angle, about 1/4 inch deep. The blade does not drag the dough, cuts are smooth but somehow the end of it seems to be a weak point that tears down during oven spring. I can take pictures during the process next time, but I´d appreciate any advice, will try it right away on my next attempt.

Thank you.
Cheers from Brazil,

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your bread is underproofed.  -Varda

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But I think under-proofing is the bigger problem.


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Thank you all for the opinions!

Here is a picture of my latest attempt, I did try to avoid underproofing and as for the steaming, I went for some fancy covered baking this time. The batard is far away from perfect but, much better than my previous one. Ears did not "blow up" this time:

This one has fresh rosemary. Thanks again folks!

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keep on doing it.  Very nicve bread indeed!  Rosemary must make it special too.

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Claudiobr your bread makes me hungry. It looks dilicious.

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Mini Oven

came out of the oven?  I wanna chew on that crust!

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Thanks! Yes it came out "singing", I was satisfied with the crust. So far I got better results with covered baking (along with a rough water spray inside the cover) than with steam pans/towels/etc.

I must add that another change I believe was important for the slashes not tearing apart (besides not to underproof) was the use of a precision scale. I believe my yeast measure was too much. Sounds obvious but I was ignoring the fact that there is a big difference between, for example, 4.0 and 4.9 (if measured in a regular scale).