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thanks for all the help with bakers percentage

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bread basket

thanks for all the help with bakers percentage

Thanks to everybody who gave input to my need for help with this subject. What a great forum this is! I call it the baker's university. Henryruczynski's lowtech, paper and pencil approach did it for me ( I am one of the older folks here :-) ). I am now happily  going through all my recipes and write them down this way. Never liked math in school but boy, do I like this! And yes, I am sure it chases away looming dementia! :-)


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thomaschacon (not verified)

Me thinks the Baker's University hast forsaken ye!

The lowtech version means you have to rewrite the recipe by hand each time you want to scale it.

Baker's percentages help you scale a recipe up to make 20 loaves, down to make 2, and around to fix measurement errors (added too much water, too little rye, etc.).

If not scaling or error correcting, why bother with baker's %?

(I bet you're going to tell me rewriting them will ward off arthritis).


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bread basket

:-) Aren't you happy that nobody tells you to do it this way? Different folks, different strokes, isn't it? Have a wonderful day and happy baking! :-) Barbara