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Cooking my sourdough in my Weber Baby Q

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Cooking my sourdough in my Weber Baby Q

[/URL]" />[/URL]" />Who knew it would cook as evenly and as well as it did. The crumb was a little gummy but I have that issue when I cook in my home oven as well. 

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and no heat in the house.


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yes positive is no heat in the house but the negative is ... No aroma In the house ... I love the smell of fresh bread in the oven.

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Just curious as i camp alot and also have a Baby Q but never once considered using it to do bread...did you use a metal pan,stone, cover? What temp could you get the grill up to? could you sort of tell me what the steps you took are..i may play around with mine at home before i try it camping...but that would be so nice!  Thanks...Becky

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Hi Becky

Just to clarify my weber baby q is the one with the higher lid and thermometer built into the lid.

I divided my finished dough into 2 x 400g ... 1 to be cooked in the weber and 1 to be cooked in the oven

I preheated the weber with the double alfoil on the grill, the trivet on top of the alfoil, the pizza stone (sold by weber specific for the baby q) on top of the trivet. I loaded the loaf free form on the pizza stone.

It wasn't a really warm day so the temperature got to 210 degrees and didn't go a lot higher. I kept watching it on and off for the cooking time in case it needed to be turned down. I would have been happy if it had got to about 230 at least for the preheat but we find that  it is very variable based on outside temperature. 

I cooked it for about 35 mins, maybe could have had a few more minutes but I had dinner to cook in the weber as well and a hungry husband :-) 

Obviously your cooking times and temps will need to be varied depending on whether your bread is sourdough, yeasted, enriched (same concepts as cooking in yr oven) the size of your bread and the variable temps that your baby q will give you on a given day.

I hope this helps and you enjoy many many loaves of your home made bread on your camping trips