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Hobart C100 or Assistent

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Hobart C100 or Assistent

Well, I've been hunting for a good deal on an Assistent Mixer, and I just found a Hobart c100 for $500 in my town. Looks like it's in really good shape. Probably quite a few years old. Anyone have an idea of whether this is a great deal I shouldn't pass up, or whether I'd be better off holding onto my money till I can afford an Assistent? I make a couple 4-loaf batches of bread per week, but I'd also like my mixer to be able to do small things for when I want to whip up a cake or something (I've heard the Bosch has a harder time with small stuff, which is what led me to look at the Assistent.) Any help would be great!!

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If I found a C100 that I knew was in good condition for $500, I would buy it without hesitation.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

You can buy a Chinese manufactured 10 qt mixer with the power to mix a couple of those Assistent mixers into component parts.

Like this one.

You might pay a couple hundred more, but it would be money very well spent.

Why people pay that much for one of these Assistent mixers just boggles my mind.

They were borderline expensive at $500, but the price of them now is just plain ridiculous.

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I found a 57 year old C100 for 500. from a local guy that runs a catering company and had finally moved all his machines into the 20/30 qt. rang. Absolutely fabulous. I make a four loaf batch every three days with 45 oz of flour, three cups of water. never even get past the first speed and to see that dough coming away form the bowl so smoothly and creamy is a delight. I know nothing about he other machine, but my vote stays with Hobart. IF you write the company with the serial number they will tell you when it was made.By the way, new hooks are available on ebay, haven't' seen any other tools. PG