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Celebrating spring

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Celebrating spring

My only excuse for not baking Hamelman's Pain au Levain was because I didn't think it could top his Vermont sourdough.    Tried it a few weeks ago, and wow, was I wrong!  

This bake could have gone longer, but I forgot to reset my timer after removing the steam pan and lost track of time.

The garden shot, with trillium, forget-me-nots, and emerging trout lilies, is a bit more colorful than the indoor shot.

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I love Hammelman's Pain An Levain.  Beatutiful loaf.  Did you take a crumb shot?


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I share your love for this formula not only for its taste, but because it's doable in one day (thanks in good part to a Brod & Taylor proofer) and I maintain a stiff culture, so there's no need for elaboration.  

The two loaves I baked this past weekend were cooled and went directly into the freezer (I'm a weekend baker), so I don't have a crumb shot of this bake - but I did take a shot of the Pain au Levain I'm currently enjoying - which was baked April 28, then frozen.  It's pretty representative of the crumb I've been getting with this formula.  Even when I goof up with lousy shaping.

Thanks to David (whose recent photos of his PAL were spectacular), Breadsong, and Sylvia for your nice comments.  It's wonderful to have the crazy spring weather normalize - but alas, we've lost between 70-90% of our tart cherry crop (Northern Michigan supplies 4/5ths of the nation's tart cherry supply).  

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Nice ears on those bâtards!


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Hi Lindy,
The spring blooms are lovely - and your loaf is a blooming beauty, too!
:^) breadsong

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Everything bloomed beautifully!  Nice  ears and shaping of the batard!  I'm happy to see spring has arrived for you!


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Beautiful, Lindy! The crumb looks fabulous! you have overcome your steaming issues i see.

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Thanks, Khalid.    Finally found something that works, after lots of experimentation and frustration:  have to thank our creative TFL members, since it's a combination of their methods and ideas.

It's nice when things go right.

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Wow, that's a beaut! Lovely crumb structure

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What a stunning loaf! And the crumb looks perfect. I hope you enjoy the outdoors during spring, but don't forget to allocate some time in the kitchen for baking as well. Lovely bread!

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Very impressive indeed!