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An Old Standby with a New Twist: Pain au Levain with Asiago

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An Old Standby with a New Twist: Pain au Levain with Asiago

I hadn’t made Hamelman’s Pain au Levain with Whole Wheat for a while.  I remember that bread as one of the best I’ve ever made.  I made up the levain last night, and mixed the dough this morning, and then went to the grocery.  There, I began to crave cheese bread.  So I bought some nice dry, sharp Asiago.

I know Hamelman’s Sourdough Cheese Bread formula (like most cheese breads) calls for combining the cheese into the dough at the mixing stage.  It was too late for that.  So, at the shaping stage, I flattened one of the dough balls and spread a thick layer of grated cheese over it, and rolled it up, flattened it a bit again, added more cheese, and shaped it into a batard.

The aroma while it baked was incredible.   It was hard to wait for it to cool.  When the loaf was sliced, I saw that the crumb was nicely aerated…and cheesated, too.  The flavor is amazing!  Cat and I almost finished a 12 oz loaf as an afternoon snack.

Is this what they mean by “loaves singing”?

The other loaves also look like they’ll be good, but they’ll have to wait for tomorrow.



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do they sing, if you turn it on its side it sort of looks like it is screaming like the face in painting that sold for $120 M this week - but the painting won't tastes as good.

Nice bake Glenn.

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Love the thought of cheese in sourdough, and the melted cheese coating the walls of the larger hole in your crumb makes me want a slice ASAP.  I could take one of those extra loaves off your hands, if you like... :)