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My Ultimate Caraway

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Juergen Krauss

My Ultimate Caraway

Since I started my explorations of German style mixed flour ( rye/wheat ) breads I was using caraway seeds.

I kept with using a small amount of commercial yeast,   mainly because the scheduling is very simple that way.

And I stuck to using wholegrain rye flour for the rye part - because I like the taste and texture.

Recently I started experimenting with using sourdough only, and using light rye as well as wholegrain rye.

The result is My Ultimate Rye - good volume, elastic, translucent crumb (as far as possible in a 40% rye), hearty taste, ... I could go on. Excellent with smoked salmon or strong cheese.

Here some photos:

This loaf weighs 800g:

Cut open, it filled the kitchen with the most amazing aroma

Here the crumb in greater detail:

And a detail of the crust:

The process follows roughly the "Detmolder" process outlined in the post I mentioned above.

You will find all details in the baking sheet below. I added a column for the "surplus preferment" to account for loss due to fermentation, evaporation and stickiness)

Outline of the process:

Rye sour: Ferment for 15 hours at 26C

Wheat sour: ferment 15 hours at room temperature (was 21C to 24C in my case)

I found that the small percentage of rye makes the wheat sour so much easier to maintain.

Bulk fermentation: 2 hours at 26C

Dough is very loose and sticky - shape either with wet hands or lots of flour

Final proof: 1 hour

Bake: for 800g start at 240C and turn to 200C  after 10 minutes; total baking time 30 min

Happy Baking,


Google docs lets you download the spreadsheet with formulas.

40% Rye Caraway
Expected Dough Weight2300Surplus Preferment(%)10.0
Straight Formula

Wholegrain Rye Flour20.5 266.4
Medium Rye Flour19.5 253.4
Strong White Flour (AP)60 779.7
Water72 935.6
Salt2 26.0
Caraway seeds3 39.0
Yield177 2,300.0
Rye Sour (Prefermented flour 20%)
Wholegrain Rye Flour20100285.9
Mature Rye Sour21028.6
Wheat Sour (Prefermented flour 10%)
Strong White Flour (AP)9.595135.8
Wholegrain Rye Flour0.557.1
Mature Wheat Sour44057.2
Final Dough (Total prefermented flour: 30%)
Medium Rye Flour19.5 253.4
Strong White Flour (AP)50.5 656.2
Water42 545.8
Salt2 26.0
Caraway seeds3 39.0
Rye Sour40 519.8
Wheat Sour20 259.9
Yield177 2,300.0


dabrownman's picture

nice rye, ww bread Juergen.  Good bake.  Love rye bread w/ caraway.

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Juergen Krauss


I am sure you would have the ideal topping for this bread.


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What a lovely crumb you got there!  I never manage to make such open crumb with 40% rye.  How strong is your strong flour?

The crust looks great, too. Thank you for sharing. :)


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Juergen Krauss

A pleasure to eat. Just had some for lunch.

I am using all shipton flours,

Untreated Organic White No 4 (Protein 11.3, ash 0.63)

Organic Light Rye Flour - Type 997 (25kg)

Organic Dark Rye Flour - Type 1350 (25kg)


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I must say that this a very delectable looking bread that you made Juergen.

I could even smell the aroma here :D

Well done...i must try your recipe :-)


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Juergen Krauss

Thank you, Izzat,

I look forward to reading about your results.