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great boule shaping video I found on youtube

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great boule shaping video I found on youtube

Hello, I found this great boule shaping video on youtube and I wanted to share. I've read people's description of how to do this on past forum posts, but written directions on such a thing didn't click for me, so I tried to find it on youtube. Here it is. I can't wait to try it.'s picture

Heck if that's what proper gluten strength looks like then I'm even further from the 9953 loaves I thought I had to go before I can bake something we, and not the compost coons, might want to eat.

Thanks for posting that. Wish I knew how he got the dough to that amazing state before the shaping began. I've never gotten anything near like that -- forever a mystery to me I guess (and forever storebought bread for us).


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Hi Tom, I haven't made 9000+ loaves, probably about 75 in the last three months, and this is the recipe I use:

400g flour
300g ice cold water (75% hydration)
1 - 1/8 tsp salt
half packet instant yeast

Mix, knead, put in fridge overnight. Should be well risen (gotta love commercial yeast for that!).

Let it rise once then degas the dough, let it rise one more time and then degas again. At this point, the dough should be like what you saw in the video. It always is for me.

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Tom, if you haven't aready seen it, Jeffrey Hamelman has a nice video on mixing and developing the dough.  Can be found here - second video in the batch:'s picture

Just stumbled on your comment when searching for something else I had read here.  Yes indeed, I've seen JH's videos online -- very inspirational.  The quality of the dough he pulls out of the mixer, his palpable relationship with it -- great to watch.  In fact, I've gone back and watched that a few times in my quest to answer the nagging question, Are my doughs invariably sticky and weak because I learned too much from Tartine Bread, in which no mixing whatsoever is prescribed?  My provisional answer is yes and the obvious solution is to insert some old fashioned kneading up front where Roberston leaves it out.

Thanks again.


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Thanks for posting that boule shaping video, badmajon, it was excellent. The Hamelman video is great too!