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Efficient Breadstick Production

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Efficient Breadstick Production

I am planning on introducting breadsticks into my restaurant offerings in addition to service bread but one concern of mine is an efficient method of production. Any time in the past I have just used a pastry cutter but I want to find a faster, easier, and more uniform method. One thing that I have considered is using a pasta roller with a wide noodle, but I fear that they will be too thin, and the croissant cutter I have is too dull for the bread dough.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a quicker, easier, more uniform method of making breadsticks in large volume? Thanks.

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Find a local welding shop that can work with surgical or food-grade stainless steel. Bring them your croissant cutter and explain that you want something similar that will cut rectangles (or any other shape for that matter). Specify the size of the rectangle including maximum depth. If you want rounded corners, specify the radius as well.

They should be able to build you one within a week or two. Expect to pay about $75-$100

We've done this to get a ravioli roller cutter, custom baguette molds, stainless bannetons (an idea that did not pan out, pardon the unintended pun), custom cake pans, custom entremets molds, custom cutters, display units, etc.