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Pics from my daily bread bakes

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Pics from my daily bread bakes

Hey all! Took some pictures the past couple of days of my bread mixes and bakes. I mix and bake a large quantity (almost 300 loaves daily). Enjoy some bread porn! :D

Ciabatta loaves

Pugliese loaves (unbaked)

Pugliese loaves (baked)

Demi-Sourdough Baguettes

Sourdough Baguettes

Demi-Sourdough Batards

Raisin Pecan Boulot (French)

Sourdough Demi-Baguettes and Demi-Batards getting ready to go to sleep :)

French Demi-Baguettes

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Very nice!

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Faith in Virginia

What kind of oven do you use?

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get arrested for looking at these photos on your computer or making this porn :-)

Very nice bread indeed.

Bake on

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or I'd be there right this instant getting one of each!  Your bagette slashing is a work of art.

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very very nice. Yea, I agree with Heidi, your slashing is amazing. You need to do a youtube video on your slashing technique.

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Thank you guys! The oven is a TMB 3-deck oven, similar to this

As for scoring, I use a double edged Personna blade broken in half, by hand (probably not very safe, but it works for me :P)

I will try to make a video when I get a mixer at my house as it's hard to do it in the bakery. Thank you again for your kind words!

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Thanks for sharing!