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a little bread history

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a little bread history


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That was cool!! Thanks for sharing.

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Nice recipe style. Watched the video then the recipe. Interesting overlay of the topic.  Are you using Adobe After Effects?


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Thnx! No, I'm using Final Cut Pro :-)


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Very cool.   Can my old brain do it?   Absorb two different tracks simultaneously?   I think so.   A testament to the skill of the film maker.  -Varda

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Thnx Varda, it was your post that make me decide to put it up here :-). I loved the discussion. I can imagine it wasn't totally the same experience for you, but the value of a good ole' discussion; priceless! thank you for that! Thank u for ur kind words :-)


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Very interesting compositon. Thanks for sharing. :)

'Dutch Babies' (if that's what it's called) looks very much like Yorkshire pudding, though it's (usually) savoury rather than sweet as Dutch Babies.  They might have a same origin. ;)

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Indeed, you are right, they are very similar to Yorkshire pudding. And there is nothing Dutch about it. They started out as "Deutsche" pancakes (as in German). deutsch became dutch, and the big pancake was joined by a small version (indeed the baby version), hence "dutch baby"

The Dutch don't really know them (till now of course:-) ). In the U.S. they are widely known and called "Dutch Babies" or popovers

thnx for the compliments Lumos. Have a good weekend!


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Mini Oven

Do you suppose the bread poduction industry wore out the word "wholesome" while discouraging baking your own bread?  

Funny, once certain skills are aquired, baking your own becomes a joy not a chore.   Effective artistic visual overlay.

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I have been "mashing up" the original footage, and I did save all the "wholesomes" in the edit. Mainly because the way the voice over says it is...dunno.. funny, in an endearing way. Actually the video shows (in my perception) the 'misunderstanding'  At the time of shooting I'm sure a lot of hard working mothers let out a sigh of relief with all this industrial baking going on. "they" would do it for us. Except...they didn't, well not for a long time any way; before long it became a 'corporate game'

If we would remake this friendly "baking propaganda" today, we would have to say homebaking has become so incredibly easy, with all technical advancements and easy acces to pretty good stuff the professionals use, that any, ah well, most! hard working mothers, can easily fit it in their schedule! :-)

the vid was embedded in my blog. I didn't blog it here, since it had nothing much to do with bread, perse. :-)

warm greetings from Am*dam


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But I certainly like the name "Dutch Babies". I never would have put fruit over a popover as they are more savory in my family. Usually served with a roast and onions. I will have to remember this simple variation.

Thank you! As usual, a quality production!

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Thanks Freerk, it was a little like watching a commercial, and real content at the same time. Enjoyable on both levels. Now i have to go back and write those ingredients down quickly.



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Very enjoyable.  Not sure where I can borrow the horse for that one step, though ...  just kidding.  *wink and smile*

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Another Gem of a video, Freerk.  Keep them coming!