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Wrapping baugettes to get that so thin sought after crust

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Wrapping baugettes to get that so thin sought after crust

I got another strange idea after reading Faith in Virginia's phyllo dough blog.  I was wondering if anyone has ever wrapped baggies in burttered phyllo dough after proofing and before slashing to get a crust like no other?  I think it would be quite unique and an interesting combination.

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love the idea! did u try already

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if I can get Faith to make me some phyllo :-)

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Faith in Virginia

I'm ready to make more phyllo.  Sounds like and experiment I did  a few years back.  Took 100% hydration and wrapped it up in a pizza like dough and baked it.  Great lesson on the texture change  with hydration change.

Interesting thought though.  Unlike the store bought in the box Phyllo the dough I made was very very pliable.  The question is will it stay pliable through the oven spring stage?

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Mini Oven

and the phyllo doesn't stretch and just flakes?  Will the baguette burst out of the phyllo making a mess of crumbs or will the baguette expand out the ends like toothpaste when stepped on?   I lay bets it bursts along the side and the phyllo dough cracks apart and flakes off.  

Might be interesting to wrap strips of phyllo dough around a wet baguette leaving spaces between the strips.  

OR  How about one long thin coil of baguette dough wrapped around a baguette center.  Every which-way-and-that or in some kind of basket pattern.  Rise, score & bake.  

When ever folks mention phyllo dough, I feel the dough between my fingers, see strudel coming out of the oven and smell chicken pot pies.   (Um... could be the chicken soup on the stove...)

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I am waiting for success stories and pictures!!! Sounds like an interesting experiment.

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Pictures and process please as this goes forward.

My bet is with Mini about how it comes out. Filo can be stretchy when fresh but once it starts to bake it gets flaky pretty fast.

If you wet the filo on the side that is against the baguette as suggested it may behave a little better but the tensile strength will still be pretty low.