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More attempts at sourdough...

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More attempts at sourdough...

I still haven't "perfected" my sourdough yet. :/

Earl (my starter) is such a happy lil' beastie, though. :) I've been pulling him out of the refridgerator to feed him every four days and he seems to be doing hunky-dory. Always bubbly and "sour" smelling. I've got two loaves rising on the counter, as I type this, and I think I've got the rise/slash/bake process down pat. My problem now is that my sourdough hasn't tasted "as sour" as that one, really good loaf I made two weeks ago. Do any of you add lemon to your sourdoughs? I've read a couple of books/websites that suggest this, but I would think it would kill the bacteria in the starter. Opinions?

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Scarlett, are you proofing your newly fed starter for 12 to 16 hours after feeding it? What I have been doing to get a more sour loaf is, I make the dough and then refrigerate the dough 24 to 48 hours. If I go 48 hours I take it out after 24 hours and fold the dough to de-gas it. This long retardation of the dough really improves the sour flavor.

Lemon juice won't hurt sourdough but it also won't really make it more sour. I often add a Tbsp. of lemon juice to my doughs because it is a dough enhancer and improves rising.